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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: is the Basic Hero Upgrade worth it?

 EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team continues to advance for another week with the Triple Threat event at the forefront. This promotion is one of those that has debuted this year and will give way to another novelty, the FC Pro Live event. These two firsts are accompanied by content that we are already more accustomed to, such as the season pass in the objectives section.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: is the Basic Hero Upgrade worth it?

In addition, the Squad Challenges section also mixes these new features with some SBCs that we see every year. As an example of each we have, respectively, the first Pundit Picks card in history and the basic Hero Upgrade. Even so, it is true that the latter is the first time that it is available without a valuation cap, so it is necessary to analyze whether it is worth it or not.

Is the Basic Hero Upgrade worth it?

Although this version of the improvement is superior to all the ones we have had until now, they once again ask us for only 1 template to complete it. Furthermore, neither its price nor its requirements are very different from the previous challenges, reflecting how quickly the game advances. This time we will have to deliver a team with 1 IF and 85 overall rating, which means spending around 86,000 coins in the console market and around 81,000 in the PC market.

With all the Heroes available in the reward, we just have to check how many of them cover that cost. Of the 61 cards, we can get, only 28 cost more than the challenge itself, leaving the average at less than half the options. Also, as we always say, we must keep in mind that Ginola does not have the same appearance percentage as Dempsey, so this probability is much lower.

Even so, it is true that the demands and price of the SBC are not too high. EA is doing a great job with the Squad Challenges section and each new feature makes us, at the very least, consider whether we should complete it or not. The level of the players being added is quite high, and that is what makes us doubt.

Having cards in the category of Vidic Centurion, King Triple Threat, or Salah POTM we are not convinced to spend half on this challenge, although we must admit that it does not seem so bad to us in terms of quality-price ratio.

If you are not convinced by any of the special players available, you can try your luck with this upgrade. However, if any of these cards fit your team, we recommend giving priority to those other SBCs.