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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: leaked a new Icon SBC that could be mandatory


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: leaked a new Icon SBC that could be mandatory

The Triple Threat players will say goodbye to Ultimate Team this afternoon, thus ending their debut. During this event, we have enjoyed a lot of content that is still active, such as the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and a good handful of Squad Challenges, among which the new RTTK Upgrade or Vanguardist 84+, Bacha RTTK, and a female End of One player stand out. It was that he had achieved a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team .

The promotion that comes to replace them is another that also debuts in the game mode, the so-called FC Pro Live. Although they are not yet included in the game, we already know how much and when they will improve, and, in addition, the first names have been leaked.

But the leaks don't stop there, because in addition to a new Evolution for left-wingers, we have learned about the arrival of an Icon in the SBCs section. This specific player may not seem very interesting, but the reality is that he can be key to giving chemistry to our teams and giving us more freedom when creating squads.

Schmeichel will arrive as SBC

The Danish goalkeeper is a goalkeeper who always performs well in the Ultimate Team. It is true that he is not at the same level as Edwin van der Sar, but he can be considered a top goalkeeper. However, this is not the only reason why we may be very interested in our club.

We all know that both Icons and Heroes are a boost in chemistry that gives us a lot of freedom to create templates. The difference between being able to join two or three leagues on the same team often depends on a single card, and this is where Schmeichel comes into play. 

His letter on the market costs about 300,000 coins on console and about 345,000 on PC, so his SBC may not be so expensive if we complete it little by little. In this way, by investing in non-transferable or repeated cards, we can get a player who can last a long time as a starter and who will give us the key to create more complex squads that bring together better players.

As always, whether it is worth it or not will also depend on each person's economic situation. If we still have room for improvement in other positions and this does not mean sacrificing chemistry, we should prioritize it. But in the event that we are stuck and a larger remodeling is necessary, we would keep this goalkeeper in mind to make things easier for us.