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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: leaked the first 4 icons that will appear in the new promotion


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: leaked the first 4 icons that will appear in the new promotion

The FC Pro Live team has now reached the halfway point of its debut week in Ultimate Team. These cards, which we know how much and when they will improve, are accompanied by very interesting content, both in Objectives, where we can take advantage of a set of missions to get quite a few envelopes; as in the Squad Challenges, among which the first Icon Improvement of the year stands out.

In addition, we have recently learned about many new developments that come from UT Champions. The reds have been added back to the game mode and the tournament rewards have been changed, improving them considerably at the highest ranks.

However, beyond what is already available in the title, we have to talk about the Thunderstruck promotion, which will be added this Friday to Ultimate Team to celebrate Black Friday with a team made up of the best IF players to date. We already knew that this event would bring together normal players and icons, but yesterday the first players of these football legends who will receive a special item were leaked.

Leaked the first 4 Thunderstruck icons

The person in charge of disseminating part of this information has been a regular, Fut Sheriff, who has also confirmed, due to an oversight by EA, that these cards can be improved. The first name he has shared is Henry, who is the player in whom the error could be seen. Every year, the Frenchman has a small problem with his body style, which is very large and reduces his agility, although this gameplay may suit him better and his performance adapts to his price, which will be very high. 

The second name we have known is even more top. We won't have to wait long for Ronaldinho to get the first improved version of him. The Brazilian's base card is already incredible, but with this upgrade his rhythm would improve, allowing us to fit even better into the band. Despite the level of cards, there will be, we believe that the extreme will be the most desired. 

The last player that Fut Sheriff has shown us is another who has a problem similar to Henry but with other virtues. Cantona is also a very big player and is not as fast as his compatriot. However, this footballer has 5 filigree stars, which for those who get the hang of dribbling with such a big forward is a big plus. 

Finally, we have a footballer filtered by Fut Scoreboard, and he is one of the big shots. Cruyff will also have a special version that will serve to further improve his already incredible initial version of him. The Dutchman is always one of the cards with the most impact, so whoever gets him can be sure that they will have a striker for many months.