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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: the next promotion will be linked to the competitive

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team continues its natural course with Triple Threat Week, a promotion that debuted this year and has brought a very useful new idea for creating teams. This scoop is accompanied by others such as the first Pundit Picks card in history, in the SBCs section; and content that we are already more accustomed to, such as the season pass in the objectives section.

However, we already know that in this game mode, it is normal to be a week ahead, so we are not surprised to already have information about the next event that will arrive. This time we did not find out through a leak, but from EA itself, which announced this promotion in a live broadcast of the FC Pro Open, the first competitive tournament of this year. In addition to confirming the name, he explained the theme of these new cards, which will be the second consecutive concept to debut in Ultimate Team.

The new promotion will be linked to the competitive

The new promotion will be linked to the competitive

As Twitter user SAF_gg has explained, this promotion will be called FC Pro Live and will be directly related to what happens in that in-person tournament that is taking place these days. EA has been wanting to attract attention to competitive player events for some time by granting rewards for watching those live events, and it seems that this is one more step in the same direction .

As we have learned, this event will be made up of players who will improve their statistics depending on what happens during the FC Pro Open days. The truth is that it has not been explained what will motivate these attribute increases, but there has already been talk of players in packs, which would mean a thematic team , although it is possible that it is smaller than normal.

Additionally, as in any promotion, we will have SBCs and Objectives that complement that special template. We assume that in this sense it will not have much difference from any other event.

The idea of ​​introducing cards that can improve, adapting to the curve of the game as it progresses , is a concept that we personally always like. In addition, it can motivate us to watch this competition live to discover if our player will increase on average or not, something that will also be very positive for us, since watching the best is one of the most effective ways to improve in Ultimate Team.