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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: You have to complete this SBC or you will regret it

 It is the first time that the Triple Threats appear in Ultimate Team, but it is not the only promotion to debut this year, because the same will happen with the FC Pro Live, which will arrive this Friday. Until then we can continue taking advantage of the Evolutions section, with a new type of improvement called Triple Threat Attacker, and the Objectives section, in which we continue to progress throughout the season pass with the choice of level 15 at the return of the corner for many.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: You have to complete this SBC or you will regret it

On the other hand, the Template Challenges section has also launched a theme with the first Pundit Picks card in history in addition to the first Basic Hero Improvement without a rating limit. These two SBCs were joined by yesterday's SBC of a player who already caught our attention when she was leaked, but who has confirmed her status as a mandatory challenge for her due to her numbers and her potential improvements.

Bacha RTTK is a mandatory SBC

The Olympique de Lyon side arrives with a Road to the Qualifiers version that can make us modify the team to include it. It is true that his SBC is quite expensive taking into account the position he occupies on the field, but seeing his attributes it does not seem bad to us to deliver a squad with a rating of 85 and a French player and another with a general average of 86.

The final cost of this card is set at around 171,000 coins in the console market and 178,000 on PC, but as we said, its numbers justify it well.

Starting with the most basic, Bacha is a player with 4 stars for filigree and 3 for bad leg, with high/high work rates (perfect to be our most offensive winger) and with quite a few playing styles, among which stand out the PlayStyle+ Threaded Pass and his Silver Skilled Dribble. Up to this point, everything is the same as in her base card, but in the statistics, things change.

With this first improvement, the Frenchwoman has almost 90 pace (although it is true that with much more acceleration than speed), a very powerful shot to surprise from afar, a pass at the level of a good midfielder ( 89 short pass and 90 of spin ) and a dribble like that of a winger ( 96 agility and 89 balance ). Although she is a winger with a clear offensive inclination, her steals and tackles are extraordinary and, although she is not a strong player, with her 94 stamina she will not stop throughout the match.

The only reason we find for not completing this player is not being able to afford to allocate so much budget to a card that occupies her position, because obviously there are other locations on the field that are more important. But removing that reason, we can be faced with one of the best options in the entire game, which is also waiting to get up to 2 improvements that would make it reach 90 rating. In our opinion, it is an SBC that must be completed no matter what.