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Epic Games Store won't launch and freezes - how to fix endless loading


Epic Games Store won't launch and freezes - how to fix endless loading

The Steam “killer” continues to delight us with free new products and sales, but after so many years of operation it still has not begun to work stably. In addition, after entering your login and password, you can observe the application loading endlessly. Constant crashes, freezes and errors in the Epic Games Store should not distract you from immersing yourself in games. Therefore, in this guide we have collected all the known ways to quickly solve problems with the launcher.

How to fix Epic Games Store freezes and crashes

First you need to make sure that the problem is not on the surface. Let's look at the simple options first:

  • Restart the application;
  • Run the launcher as administrator;
  • Update your graphics driver;
  • Reinstall Epic Games Store;
  • Check server availability.

To close the application completely, check the processes in the Task Manager. You can open it using the key combination “Ctrl+Shift+Esc”. If something remains in the background, then cancel the task, and then launch the launcher again.

There are several ways to update your graphics driver: install a free driver update program or download the latest driver from the manufacturer's website ( Nvidia or AMD ). For Nvidia video cards, it is most convenient to use the GeForce Experience application. However, if you have problems with the update, then search the Internet for the previous version - the driver may have been damaged during the installation process or contains errors.

One of the options why the Epic Games launcher does not start may be a failure on the servers. You can check their performance in a special section Epic Games.

Reinstall D3DCOMPILER_43.dll

It is possible that the problem is related to one of the DirectX package libraries. You need to delete D3DCOMPILER_43.dll in the system folder, and then reinstall the DirectX package. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open any folder, explorer or enter “Win ​​+ E” ;
  • In the address bar, paste the path “C:WindowsSysWOW64” without quotes. If your system is installed on a different drive, then change the first letter to the appropriate one. This is done to reduce the time it takes to search for the next file;
  • In the search bar, enter “D3DCOMPILER_43” without quotes;
  • Right-click on the found file and delete it;
  • Reinstall DirectX ;
  • Restart your computer and try launching the Epic Games launcher.

Disable full-screen optimization

In some cases, due to compatibility issues, the Epic Games Store crashes. To fix the problem, you need to disable the "Full Screen Optimization" feature, and then launch the application. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the launcher shortcut and select “Properties” ;
  • In the window that opens, select the “Compatibility” tab ;
  • Check the box “Disable full-screen optimization” ;
  • Click on the “Apply” button, then close the window by clicking “OK”.

Delete Epic Games Store Web Cache

This is the easiest and fastest method, which is often used by the VGTimes authors themselves. There are many reasons why the web cache can be damaged, but the system cannot automatically cope with this problem. In this case, you must manually delete the launcher web cache. This action will not lead to the deletion of games, since the cache is frequently used data stored on the computer for quick launch and operation of the application. To remove Epic Games Launcher web cache, follow the steps below:

  • Open the “Run” window by entering the combination “Win ​​+ R” ;
  • Type "%localappdata%" without quotes;
  • Find the “EpicGamesLauncher” folder and delete it;
  • Restart your computer. The folder will be re-created after launching the Epic Games launcher.

At the moment, these are all effective ways to troubleshoot problems with the Epic Games launcher. If you encounter other problems, be sure to write about it in the comments, and we will try to help every reader in a timely manner.