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Forest Keeper Lethal Company, can it be eliminated and how to avoid it?

 In Lethal Company, you will come across the creature called Forest Keeper and we will tell you how to avoid it during your exploration.

Lethal Company, the horror game where you are sent to planets to collect resources in order to earn as much money as possible and pay off your debts, is one of the most played titles at the moment.

During your exploration, you will come across many strange and deadly creatures including the Forest Keeper, a giant who usually emerges from the ground and hunts you until he has eliminated you. Some players are wondering if it is possible to defeat him and we will tell you the answer.

Can you defeat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company?

If like some players, you're wondering if it's possible to defeat the Forest Keeper, well, the answer is no . Right now, there's no equipment that lets you take him down and all you can do is run away from him.

How to dodge the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company?

In case the Forest Keeper appears and hasn't spotted you yet, it is possible to dodge him. To do this, you will have to hide behind a tree or an element of the scenery high enough so that this monster does not see you. It is necessary to stay out of his line of sight and when he gets far enough away from you, quickly run back to your ship. If you also want to see how the Forest Keeper's dodge works, you can watch the following video from PCGamesN.

Finally, we remind you that in Lethal Company, you will be able to obtain different objects such as the teleporter or even the Zap Gun , two very useful elements in the face of the numerous beasts which swarm on some of the worlds that you will explore.