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Fortnite error 93: how to fix the problem?

 You were playing Fortnite when suddenly you can't connect to the server and you encounter error 93? Here's how to solve it.

Fortnite error 93: how to fix the problem?

Fortnite, like all online games, sometimes suffers from technical errors, whether they are on your side or on Epic Games' side, they are annoying. Download failure, server connection error, or game crash, don't panic, We are here to help you! 

This time, we explain how to resolve error 93 in Fortnite!

How to resolve error 93 in Fortnite? 

Error 93 is a simple server connection error that usually happens on either Epic Games' side or yours. Between the state of the servers and the corrupted files, here are the steps to follow to resolve the problem:

  • Checking Server Status: A crucial first step in resolving any connection issues is to check if the servers are down for maintenance. You can go to Epic Games' public status page to do this check.
  • Verifying game files: To ensure the integrity of all files, go to the Launcher Settings menu and select the File Verification option.
  • Restarting the Game: It's sometimes surprising how many problems can be resolved simply by restarting the game.
  • Enabling Crossplay: If you are leaving a lobby due to insufficient players on your chosen console, go to the game settings and enable crossplay in the privacy tab.
  • Disabling NAT: If you want stricter data sharing, make sure that Network Address Translation is not enabled. You can turn it off in your computer's Network and Sharing Center.
  • Reinstalling Fortnite: Although not ideal, sometimes reinstalling the game can resolve error code 93.
  • Submitting a ticket: As a last resort, if none of the previous steps resolve the issue, submit an official support ticket via the Fortnite support page on the Epic Games website.

Now you know how to resolve error code 93 in Fortnite!