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Fortnite map for Chapter 5 was found in the code, but fans prefer to keep the OG map forever

 A data miner has found out what could happen next in Fortnite after the current season. He gives us a look at the new map Helios.

Fortnite map for Chapter 5 was found in the code, but fans prefer to keep the OG map forever

At the moment, players can experience a nostalgic flashback in Fortnite. The Season OG (“Original Gangster”) brings back the map, skins, and weapons from six years ago. At the time, the colorful shooter started with Chapter 1.

But what happens after this special season? A data miner dug into the Fortnite database and discovered a new map that will probably be used in Chapter 5.

Fortnite: Map from Chapter 5 is called Helios and is boring fans

What comes after Season OG? The 3D artist PumpkinHook shared an image of the new map that will come with Chapter 5 on X and Twitter. The map is titled Helios and is divided into clear areas.

In the north, there are more forested regions, whereas in the south there is a snow-covered mountain region. The map is rather coherent except for one large island. In the middle of the map, you can see a city and a large lake.

You can look at the map here:

How is the map received? The design of the card has now spread to other accounts such as iFireMonkey. The new map is being received with mixed feelings.

Some users think that the map would look big. Others fear that the map would be too small. Unfortunately, there is no indication of scaling within the image, so fans can only guess how big the map will be.

In addition, some players are reminded of Chapter 2 from Fortnite. User Aether fears that the development team now simply wants to recycle all previous maps and give them a new story. 

Many users therefore fear that they will remain on the map from Chapter 1. The new maps have “no soul,” which is why they prefer to play on the original map. Several users even think that the map would look just as “bad” as the map from Chapter 4.

That's why they hope that Season OG will remain as a separate map. Fans want a separate game mode in which the nostalgic map can be played.

It is not known whether Epic will fulfill this wish of the players. But according to some leaks, Season OG will only last for a short time and will change at regular intervals until the end of November.