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Fortnite OG Update 27.00 Height and Weight, Patch Download

 Update 27.00 arrives on Fortnite, third patch of the OG season of Chapter 1! But what is the size of the patch to download?

Fortnite OG Update 27.00 Height and Weight, Patch Download

Season OG, Original, or Season 5 of Chapter 4 is available on Fortnite! There will be a lot of new features to discover, such as changes to the game map, or new skins.

But what size is this patch 27.00, which is to be downloaded? Depending on the platforms, its weight varies, we detail everything below.

What size for patch 27.00 in the OG season of Fortnite?

It is important to note that depending on many parameters, it is possible that the weight of an update varies from one console to another or from one computer to another. We detail below all the known weights for this new update, which should bring new content to Fortnite:

  • Update size on PS4:? Go
  • Update size on PS5 : 10.42  GB
  • Update size on Xbox Series X/S: 12.2  GB
  • Update size on PC: 27 GB
  • Update size on Switch: 11 GB
  • Update size on Mobile iOS and Android: 3.72 GB

We will update this article once we have all the information regarding the size of this update based on different platforms.