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FOV MW3 bug, how to solve the problem?

 Modern Warfare 3 is no exception to the rule and some players may encounter in-game problems. We tell you how to resolve the FOV problem.

FOV MW3 bug, how to solve the problem?

Modern Warfare 3, like its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2, sometimes encounters certain problems. On MW2, players could encounter the error “No DGXI adapter compatible  ”or related to the campaign.

On the new opus released this November 10, some players have reported having encountered a problem with the FOV which glitches and enlarges much more than it should. This seems to affect some cards more than others and Activision is of course aware. We give you a temporary solution to resolve the problem.

How to fix the deepening FOV glitch in Modern Warfare 3?

If like some players, you're experiencing the bug where your Field of View widens when you zoom in way more than it should, well, all you can do is use a temporary fix. To do this, follow the following in-game path on Modern Warfare 3: Settings > Graphics > View > Field of View.

Once in Field of View, simply set the FOV to your default setting and validate it by clicking on the B or Circle button depending on your controller or on Esc on PC. Obviously, you will have to repeat the operation until Activision applies a patch to resolve this problem permanently. In case the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact Activision support in order to receive assistance in correcting your problem.