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FOV Starfield: what is the best mod to change the field of view?

 Do you want to enlarge the FOV to enjoy better immersion in Starfield? Many mods are available so that your wish can be granted, but you still need to know which one to choose. We guide you through this guide so that you can finally adjust the field of vision according to your desires!

Which mod to choose to enlarge the FOV on Starfield?

The mod that caught our attention is simply called FOV Starfield. With simple manipulation, it allows you to enlarge the field of vision whether you play in first or third person. Installation is very simple.

  • Download FOV Starfield,
  • Place the configuration file in /Documents/My Games/Starfield,
  • Make sure that the contents of the configuration file contain the following lines:
  • [Camera]
    • fFPWorldFOV=100.0000
    • fTPWorldFOV=100.0000

You can then adjust the FOV as you wish by modifying the value 100.0000. However, don't get carried away with delusions of grandeur, because too large a field of vision is never very pleasant. Keep in mind that the default is 70.0000 on Starfield, so don't exceed 120.0000 to ensure a good gaming experience.

Which mod to choose to enlarge the FOV on Starfield

How to install mods on Starfield?

When it comes to mods, Nexusmods is the reference site. In addition to offering a very complete catalog, the latter has the merit of being very reliable.

To engage in hostilities with the plethora of mods that the site offers, you will need to register. Then, all you have to do is consult the catalog that the site offers and download the mods that interest you. Each mod has a small installation guide, including all the necessary instructions for transferring the correct files into the Starfield installation file.

Modders do everything they can to provide clear and precise explanations regarding installation, so don't hesitate to follow them to successfully install your mods.

How to avoid trophy blocking?

Mods block trophy progression on Starfield. This restriction is understandable when you want to change the experience of the base game. However, it is a real shame to deprive yourself of trophies when you just want to improve certain technical aspects.

So, modders have implemented a way to get around this restriction by creating a mod to restore trophy progression. With the “Achievement Enabler” mod, this inconvenience will no longer be a distant memory.