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Fyr'alath the Dreamslayer: how to obtain the legendary weapon and what are its stats? WoW Dragonflight 10..2

 The final boss of Dragonflight allows you to obtain a legendary axe, never seen before since WotLK! Here's how to get it and its stats.

That's it, he's finally reached mythical difficulty! Fyrrak, the last boss of the Dragonflight expansion is no more. With his defeat first by Echo, we were able to discover a new legendary weapon, an axe, which has effects that you absolutely want if your class allows you to use it.

Just like the Nazs'uro weapon, it will gradually become more accessible to ordinary players. We explain where and how to obtain Fyr'alath the Dreamslayer, Fyrakk's legendary axe, as well as its stats on WoW Dragonflight 10.2. We tell you everything!

How to get Fyr'alath the Dreamslayer, the new legendary weapon in 10.2 of Dragonflight on WoW in Amidrassil?

To obtain this weapon, it is currently a little complicated. The quest is currently only available on Mythic difficulty. But in the coming weeks, this quest will surely fall on ordinary players, a bit like Nasz'uro, as we explained a little earlier in the article. 

The advantage of this weapon is that it is not limited to a single class like last time. Any class capable of wielding a two-handed ax can use it. However, even when you get the quest for Fyr'alath the Dreamslayer, you will still have to go through different stages like farming the Bloom event, materials, and getting help from other players. Here is the list of components that you will need to collect: 

How to get Fyr'alath the Dreamslayer, the new legendary weapon in 10.2 of Dragonflight on WoW in Amidrassil

Erden's Glowing Spore Grip

  •  Zaralek Glowing Spores  x400
  •  Obsidian Cobra Hide  x3
  •  Prototype Dreamleaf Handle  x1
  •  Dream Essence  x5
  •  Peat Mud Skin  x50

Lydiara's Rune of Bond

  •  Essence of Shadowflame  x10
  •  Prototype Link Rune  x1
  •  Cosmic ink  x250 
  •  Runic Twisted Bark  x50

Shalasar's Sophic Vellum

  • Awakened Fire  x150
  • Awakened Earth  x100
  • Awakened Order  x50
  • Resonant Crystal  x200
  • Prototype Order Vellum  x1

Stats and effects for the new legendary weapon in World of Warcraft Dragonflight 10.2

Fyr'alath the Dreamslayer

  • Item Level 500
  • Bound when picked up
  • Two-Handed Ax
  • Damage: 1,831 - 3,804 Speed ​​3.60
  • (782.6 damage per second)
  • +1.040 Strength
  • +4.524 Stamina
  • Increases your critical strike rating by +400 (2.22% at level 70).
  • Increases your haste rating by +676 (3.98% at level 70).
  • Use Unleash Fyr'alath's rage to charge toward your target with multiple blows in succession, dealing 468338 Shadowflame damage over 3 sec to all in your path. (2 Min Cooldown)
  • Equip: Your attacks apply Mark of Fyr'alath, dealing 26184 Shadowflame damage over 15 sec. When activated, Fyr'alath draws flames of all brands to increase its damage by 10%.