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Genshin Impact 4.2 release date, when does the update come out?

 Genshin Impact patch 4.2 is an update awaited by players, but when does it come out. We give you all the information on the subject.

Genshin Impact 4.2 release date, when does the update come out?

Genshin Impact continues to update itself and, as always, offers regular patches offering additional content such as events, characters, or even weapons.

Some players are wondering when update 4.2 will be released, which is an expected patch, and the answer was given directly by miHoYo during its live announcement on November 3.

When is the release date for patch 4.2 on Genshin Impact?

The live announcement of patch 4.2 took place this Friday, November 3, 2023, and if you are wondering when this update is coming out, well, you won't have long to wait. This update will be available on Wednesday, November 8. The live announcement was also an opportunity to reveal the content of this update:

  • Adding a new zone, the Erynnies Forest in the Fontaine region
  • Two new characters, the Archon Hydro, Furina  who is a 5 star, as well as the 4 star, Charlotte
  • Four banners divided into two waves. The first available from November 8  will focus on Furina and Baizhu.  While the second phase will highlight Cyno and  Kamisato Ayato. It should be noted that Charlotte will be present in the 2 banners of wave 1
  • A new weapon, the one-handed sword Splendor of Still Waters, which is the signature equipment for Furina

While waiting to discover all the content of update 4.2, we remind you that this patch will be released on Wednesday, November 8 after server maintenance, scheduled for midnight and which will last a maximum of five hours.