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Gojo dead: is the character dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

 Did Satoru Gojo, known as the world's most powerful exorcist, die in Jujutsu Kaisen? We give you the answer!

Spoiler alert for the manga! During chapter 236, which shows us the climax of the fight between the two most powerful in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo and Sukuna, we learn some sad news.

As his fight with Sukuna reached its climax, the infinity of the most powerful exorcist could not hold out against the one called the King of Scourges. But is Gojo really dead? Isn't there still a chance to save him? We'll explain!

Did Gojo Satoru die in Jujutsu Kaisen? Is Gojo still alive? Does he still have a chance?

Unfortunately, until proven otherwise, the answer is yes. Satoru Gojo is indeed dead in Jujutsu Kaisen. Mahogora has adapted to Gojo's infinity. It's over, Sukuna has won. The King of Plagues is now able to imitate the creature's technique and cut through even the infinity of Gojo, the most powerful exorcist. 

Gojo expresses his desire to not be alone, but Geto responds with indifference by asking who cares. However, Gojo explains that it means a lot to him. He briefly brings up his father and then mentions something about leaving it to Shoko, suggesting everything will be fine.

Did Gojo Satoru die in Jujutsu Kaisen? Is Gojo still alive? Does he still have a chance

Afterward, Geto asks about the progress of the fight against Sukuna. Gojo explains that Sukuna was incredibly powerful and didn't even use his full strength against him. He wasn't sure if he could defeat Sukuna, even if Sukuna didn't have Megumi's cursed technique.

Gojo goes on to explain that he gave his all during the fight. He mentions that although the fight was entertaining, he was also disappointed that he couldn't push Sukuna to give his best, as he didn't feel strong enough. He hoped Geto could have been there to motivate him.

Nanami reminds Geto that he once said he left everything to Gojo because he didn't view jujutsu as work, but as something Gojo used for his own satisfaction. This is why he feels sympathy towards him in his last moments. Gojo is satisfied with disappearing at the hands of someone more powerful than him.

Nanami expresses disgust at the way Gojo speaks like a samurai general, and Haibara adds that everyone has noticed. Gojo asks Nanami about her own final moments, and Nanami brings up a conversation with Mei Mei. She told him to head north if he was looking for a new side of himself or south if he wanted to stay as he was. He had chosen the south and declared that his last moments were not so bad thanks to Haibara. Gojo says goodbye to everyone, including Geto, Nanami, Haibara, Yaga, Riko and Kuroi.

Returning to the fight, Gojo is in a deplorable state. Sukuna then explains how Mahoraga adapts to an ability. When attacked, Mahoraga gradually adapts to this attack over time. So when Mahoraga attacked, his power was much greater than Sukuna's. He not only managed to hit Gojo's Infinity, but he also affected space itself by cutting it.

Did Gojo Satoru die in Jujutsu Kaisen? Is Gojo still alive? Does he still have a chance

Sukuna says that infinity doesn't matter when you can cut off the world. Then we see Gojo cut in half. Sukuna congratulates Gojo, telling him that he won't forget him. After that, Kashimo appears.

Many fans believe that Satoru Gojo is still capable of healing and saving himself. Indeed, if you have read our article on the Reversal Spell (RCT), healing for an exorcist comes from the brain and not the stomach. Where occult techniques start at the base of the middle of the stomach, so-called “positive” techniques are useful thanks to the brain. 

Moreover, with Yuta having arrived on the battlefield, the situation could change. Yuta is actually capable of healing a person other than himself, one of the few who can do so. Gojo's fate is therefore not completely sealed, at least not until we see anyone trying to run to his aid.