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GTA 6: Imminent announcement and trailer in December, according to Bloomberg!

 GTA 6 is on the horizon with an imminent announcement and a trailer planned for December 2023! We tell you everything about this latest information!

GTA 6: Imminent announcement and trailer in December, according to Bloomberg!

For gaming enthusiasts and fans of the Grand Theft Auto saga, a wave of excitement is gripping the community: the long-awaited announcement of GTA 6 could well occur this week. According to sources close to Rockstar Games, the publisher is preparing to unveil its new video game gem, followed by a trailer in December to celebrate its quarter century of existence.

Among video game legends, few titles generate as much excitement and speculation as the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI. According to Jason Schreier, renowned Bloomberg journalist, Rockstar Games could lift the veil on this new era of the GTA franchise as early as this week. We tell you everything!

GTA 6 could be announced this week with a trailer in December

The previous opus, GTA V, having enjoyed phenomenal success, sets the bar very high for this sequel which would take place in a fictional Miami and feature a duo of protagonists. The GTA series, which changed the face of the video game world with GTA V - selling more than 185 million copies - is ready to strike a big blow.

Rockstar Games, under the Take-Two Interactive umbrella, is set to reveal the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI shortly, with a trailer planned for December 2023, marking the 25th anniversary of the editor. This announcement comes after a major leak last year.

After topping the charts as the second best-selling video game of all time, all eyes are on its successor. Rockstar has spent the last few years improving its internal practices, seeking to avoid the burnout that plagued Red Dead Redemption 2's production.

The road to this announcement has not been without pitfalls. In fact, last year, a hack revealed hours of footage of the game under development. Rockstar then promised to officially present the game when it was ready while deploring this intrusion. The trial linked to this case saw two British teenagers convicted in London.

As for the game itself, details have leaked about its fictional Miami-inspired setting and its two main characters, a new feature for the series. This narrative duality promises an enriched and dynamic experience, renewing the proven formula of the saga.

As Take-Two Interactive prepares to release its financial results, excitement is ramping up as we await official confirmation of these announcements. With The Game Awards 2023 and Rockstar's 25th anniversary on the horizon, December could well become the most memorable month for GTA fans around the world.