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GTA 6: an official release in 2024?

 GTA 6 becomes clearer with an official trailer in December 2023! But what about the release date? Is it planned for 2024?

GTA 6: an official release in 2024?

The wait is coming to an end for all gamers and gamers around the world especially fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar Games is set to reveal the highly anticipated GTA 6, successor to the legendary GTA 5. An official first preview is confirmed for December, promising to immerse fans in a whole new gaming universe for decades to come!

Although Rockstar has not yet officially named the next installment, the title Grand Theft Auto 6 seems obvious. Despite a veil of secrecy and the colossal task of succeeding one of the greatest games of all time, some information has leaked out, giving us a taste of what GTA 6 will be like.

Will GTA 6 be released in 2024?

The GTA 6 launch window is not yet set in stone, but clues point to a release between April 2024 and March 2025. However, knowing Rockstar and its history of delays in polishing its games, it would be prudent not to take these dates as final.

The action of GTA 6 would take place in a modern version of Vice City. Gameplay leaks point to the introduction of two main characters, Jason and Lucia, with the latter potentially being the first playable female protagonist in the series.

In 2022, an unprecedented leak revealed over 90 videos of GTA 6 development. These videos showed various aspects of gameplay, including shootouts and police chases, all with a realistic graphical finish typical of GTA games.

GTA 6 's impact on GTA Online remains unclear. Rockstar may continue to run two versions of the online experience for each game but has yet to disclose concrete plans.

Development of GTA 6 reportedly began in 2014, although Rockstar didn't officially acknowledge the game's existence until February 2022.

Although the specific platforms have not been announced, it is likely that GTA 6 will be available on PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox Series X. A release on the successor to the Nintendo Switch is also possible.

In any case, the hype is growing around GTA 6, promising a new era for fans of the series. Rockstar Games is preparing to launch GTA 6, potentially in 2024 and like all of you, we can't wait to find out!