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GTA 6 pre-order: when will it be possible to buy the game and at what price?

 Finally! It's official for Rockstar, we will finally have a GTA VI trailer at the beginning of December! We'll tell you everything about pre-ordering the game.

With rumors growing around Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6), players are naturally wondering if it is already possible to pre-order the long-awaited game. 

GTA 6 pre-order: what editions are available for Grand Theft Auto VI? 

Unfortunately for the moment, it is not possible to pre-order GTA 6. It is very likely that the possibility of pre-ordering GTA 6 will only be available after the official announcement from Rockstar Games concerning the game. Publishers are used to to open reservations once they reveal key details such as release date, special editions, and pre-order bonuses.

Traditionally, Rockstar Games opens pre-orders for its games a few months before the official release date. However, with GTA 6, the publisher may take a more aggressive approach, putting pre-order sales directly after the announcement and trailer.

GTA 6 pre-order: what editions are available for Grand Theft Auto VI

For fans eager to pre-order GTA 6 as soon as possible, the key is to stay tuned to official communications from Rockstar Games. Following the publisher's social networks and putting this article in your favorites will allow you to stay informed on the latest news regarding the release and pre-order of GTA 6.

At this point, pre-ordering GTA 6 is not yet possible, but it is expected that this option will be open after the official announcement from Rockstar Games. Fans will therefore have to be patient and stay tuned for communications from the publisher to be among the first to reserve their copy of the game as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the latest updates and official announcements from Rockstar Games regarding GTA 6.