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Hardwood in Coral Island: This is how you get the important resource

 Sooner or later we'll need hardwood in Coral Island. Here we summarize where it can be found and which ax you need.

Hardwood in Coral Island: This is how you get the important resource

In order to gradually build up an ever larger and more efficient farm on Coral Island, we need all kinds of resources. Hardwood is also included. However, it is not enough to fell a few trees with a normal axe. As in numerous other farming simulations, we first have to upgrade our tools.

What is Hardwood?

Hardwood is a higher-quality resource in Coral Island. It is essential for expanding the farm. For example, it is needed to upgrade the barn.

How do I get hardwood?

While we only get conventional wood when felling trees with a normal ax, a silver ax is needed to get hardwood from the tree trunks lying around (for example in the east of the forest mine). For the large tree stumps on the farm, however, we only need the bronze ax.

Sometimes hardwood can also be found in destructible boxes. If we have also reached city rank B, we can buy hardwood from the carpentry shop for 150 coins each.

How do I improve my ax for the hardwood?

To upgrade the ax, we visit Rafael and Pablo's blacksmith shop. In exchange for a few resources, coins, and patience, they improve all of our tools.

For the bronze ax, we need:

  • 5x bronze bars
  • 20x wood
  • 1,500 coins
  • The upgrade takes one day.

For the silver ax we need:

  • 1x bronze ax
  • 5x silver bars
  • 20x wood
  • 3,000 coins
  • The upgrade takes two days.

For the gold ax we need:

  • 1x silver axe
  • 3x gold bars
  • 5x hardwood
  • 10,000 coins
  • The upgrade takes two days.

Opening hours of the blacksmith shop:

  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
  • Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m
Where can I get bronze, silver, and gold bars? We produce the bars ourselves in the melting furnace (we automatically get the plan for this from Pablo). For this, we need coal and the corresponding ore. We mine this in the mine or buy it in the forge (bronze ore = 150 coins, silver ore = 500 coins, gold ore = 1,500 coins).