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How do decisions in Star Wars affect Jedi Survivor?

 At some points in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you will be able to make choices in both dialogue and story routes. Does this have any important weight in the game? We tell you.

How do decisions in Star Wars affect Jedi Survivor?

A curious addition that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor presents is that at certain moments in the adventure, you will see that you can make decisions like Cal Kestis. That is, sometimes you can choose different lines of dialogue in conversations, and other times you can choose one route or another as part of the story. Do you want to know if this has any important implications on the course of the game or if it changes anything? We answer your question in this section of our guide.

How do they affect decisions?

At certain moments in the main story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you will be able to make decisions, as we have already said. In general, you should know that these decisions do not greatly affect the development of the game. That is, they do not fundamentally disrupt the gaming experience and do not have any important effect on the story.

Most choices will only cause one or another line of dialogue to play, or the next scene to be slightly different, but you shouldn't fear major consequences depending on what Cal responds or does when making choices.

On the other hand, at some points in the story, you will have free will to choose one route or another in your main objectives. For example, this is very evident when you reach the Archive on Jedha and two objectives activate at the same time to research Tanalorr on the Shattered Moon and Koboh; at which point the game allows you to decide where to investigate first.

Be that as it may, these choices of one path or another in the story do not alter the course of the main adventure. You are simply given the option to take one route or another first, only affecting the area you will visit first, but logically later you can go to the one you have not yet explored.

Therefore, ultimately, the choices in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor do not carry great weight or change the game. You don't have to worry too much about which dialogues to choose or which routes to visit first in the game. Enjoy playing your way and that's it.