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How long does RoboCop Rogue City last?

 Robocop Rogue City is available on Steam. If you are wondering what its lifespan is, we tell you everything in this article.

The dystopian universe of Detroit has opened its doors once again with the arrival of RoboCop Rogue City. Fans of action and science fiction games prepare to don the cybernetic armor of Officer Murphy, an 80s icon returned to restore order. But a question arises: how long will it take you to go through this new opus?

The lifespan of a video game is a criterion that is increasingly scrutinized by players. With RoboCop Rogue City, you might expect Murphy's robotic movements to slow down the pace. However, initial feedback indicates that it is possible to complete the main campaign in around ten hours. This figure is of course variable and depends on how you approach combat and interact with the game environment.

How long does it take to finish RoboCop Rogue City?

Based on everyone's skills and strategic choices, completing the main story of RoboCop Rogue City should take you around 10 hours. The most perfectionists aiming for the platinum trophy can expect 13 hours of gameplay, including side quests and additional challenges. This playing time can be considered moderate, especially compared to current service games which often require a much greater commitment.

For players who like a challenge, the quest for the platinum trophy is an important consideration. With an estimate of around 13 hours, RoboCop Rogue City presents itself as a relatively short experience for trophy hunters. No long grind sessions in perspective; rather, you will have to be curious to explore every nook and cranny and complete the various secondary objectives.

However, this data is subject to change once the global community has taken control of the game. The game mechanics, in particular the handling of weapons and the progress in the missions, also contribute to the extension or reduction of the playing time. Furthermore, some players will take pleasure in experimenting with the tools available without necessarily continuing the game. progress of the main story.

How long does it take to finish RoboCop Rogue City?

In summary, RoboCop Rogue City offers a concise, yet rich core experience, with reasonable playtime for busy players, and a more in-depth route for improvement enthusiasts. Now you know what to expect before diving into the cyberpunk streets of Detroit.