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How to activate cheats in Half-Life and best codes for the 25th anniversary version


How to activate cheats in Half-Life and best codes for the 25th anniversary version

After celebrating its 25th anniversary, Valve's FPS legend is among the most played on Steam. Don't remember how to activate cheats? Don't worry, we explain how to do it and what the best codes are.

To talk about Half-Life is to talk about one of the best games in history, a first-person shooter that laid the foundations for the future of the genre, with the help of Valve. It was one of the best titles of that glorious year 1998.

Until the arrival of Half-Life, shooters did not have a sufficiently established narrative, but Valve's work managed to shape an unforgettable science fiction universe.

On November 19, Half-Life turned 25 years old. It was the perfect opportunity to upgrade with lots of new features (also for multiplayer mode), and also to knock down its price completely. Yes, the game was available for free for a few days on Steam.

Now that many of you are playing this classic (both on PC and Steam Deck), we are going to review how the cheats are activated and the best codes that can be used.

Cheats: how to activate them and best codes

As with any PC game of the time, Half-Life had an extensive list of codes, which could be used to activate cheats.

There are many types: the classic God mode, jumping higher, getting ammunition and weapons, or even walking in the air. Best of all, using these cheats is allowed by Valve, and they are also very easy to activate.

First of all, let's go over how to activate cheats in Half-Life. These work through the command console.

To activate cheats, follow these steps:

  1. Create a shortcut of the executable (hl.exe) on the desktop.
  2. In the file properties, add the term ''-console'' to Destination.
  3. Save the changes and start the game.
  4. Press the ''º'' key on your keyboard to open the console.
  5. Enter the term ''sv_cheats 1'' and press the Enter key.

Ready, now you have activated the Half-Life cheats. All you have to do is open the command console and enter the code you want to use.

These are the best Half-Life codes:

  • Normal jump: sv_gravity 800
  • Increased jump (hover in mid-air): sv_gravity 0
  • Gravity Master: sv_gravity 0-999
  • Disable jumps: sv_gravity 999
  • Magnum Ammunition: give ammo_357
  • Shotgun ammo: give ammo_buckshot
  • MP5: give weapon_mp5
  • Magnum: give weapon_python
  • Crossbow: give weapon_crossbow
  • Lever: give weapon_crossbar
  • Glock pistol: give ammo_glockclip
  • Gauss rifle: give weapon_gauss
  • Battery for HEV suit: give item_battery
  • Hornet Gun: give weapon_hornetgun
  • Laser mine: give weapon_tripmine
  • Gun: give weapon_9mmhandgun
  • Rocket launcher: give weapon_rpg
  • Satchel Charge: give weapon_satchel
  • Shotgun: give weapon_shotgun
  • Crossbow ammunition: ammo_crossbow
  • Hand grenade: give weapon_handgrenade
  • MP5 Grenades: give ammo_mp5grenades
  • Egon: give weapon_egon
  • Jump module: give item_longjump
  • Rocket Launcher Ammunition: give ammo_rpgclip
  • First aid kit: give item_healthkit
  • HEV suit: give item_suit
  • Pistol ammo: give ammo_9mmclip
  • Human growl: impulse 76
  • Get all weapons and armor (or more units): Boost 101
  • Generate Gibs: boost 102
  • Show creature stats: impulse 103
  • List of entities: impulse 104
  • Deaf enemies: boost 105
  • Show object modeling: impulse 106
  • Show texture name: impulse 107
  • Control creatures on screen: impulse 109
  • Show AI information: impulse 195
  • Generate blood: impulse 202
  • Remove NPC or creature: impulse
  • Activate God mode: god
  • Enemies do not attack: notarget
  • Access any map: map ''X'' (enter the map name in the X)
  • Walk on walls and float: noclip
  • Third person: Chase_active 1
  • Third person view: thirdperson
  • Return to first person view: firstperson
  • See brightly without flashlight: lambert -1.0001
  • Remove shadows: r_fullbright 1
  • Enable shadows: r_fullbright 0
  • Commit suicide: kill
  • Black Mesa Inbound: c0a0, c0a0a, c0a0b, c0a0c, c0a0d, c0a0e
  • Anomalous Materials: c1a0, c1a0a, c1a0b, c1a0d, c1a0e
  • Unforeseen Consequences: c1a0c, c1a1, c1a1a, c1a1b, c1a1c, c1a1d
  • Office Complex: c1a2, c1a2a, c1a2b, c1a2c, c1a2d
  • We've Got Hostiles: c1a3, c1a3a, c1a3b, c1a3c, c1a3d
  • Blast Pit: c1a4, c1a4b, c1a4d, c1a4f, c1a4g, c1a4i, c1a4j, c1a4k
  • Power Up: c2a1, c2a1a, c2a1b
  • On A Rail: c2a2, c2a2a, c2a2b1, c2a2b2, c2a2c, c2a2d, c2a2e, c2a2f, c2a2g, c2a2h
  • Apprehension: c2a3, c2a3a, c2a3b, c2a3c, c2a3d, c2a3e
  • Residue Processing: c2a4, c2a4a, c2a4b, c2a4c
  • Questionable Ethics: c2a4d, c2a4e, c2a4f, c2a4g
  • Surface Tension: c2a5, c2a5a, c2a5b, c2a5c, c2a5d, c2a5e, c2a5f, c2a5g, c2a5w, c2a5x
  • Forget About Freeman: c3a1, c3a1a, c3a1b
  • Lambda Core: c3a2e, c3a2, c3a2a, c3a2b, c3a2c, c3a2d, c3a2f
  • Xen:c4a1
  • Gonarch's Lair: c4a2, c4a2a, c4a2b
  • Interloper: c4a1a, c4a1b, c4a1c, c4a1d, c4a1e, c4a1f
  • Nihilanth: c4a3
  • Conclusion: c5a1

Notice: map codes are always preceded by the term ''map'' . Next, you must enter the code that accompanies the map or level you want to go to (they always start with c).