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How to easily defeat the Crystal Guardian in Hollow Knight


How to easily defeat the Crystal Guardian in Hollow Knight

We are going to see in this Hollow Knight guide how to easily defeat the Crystal Guardian, an optional boss, but one that can give us good rewards. This is one of the few bosses along with Hornet that we will face on more than one occasion. We can find him at the Crystal Summit, sitting on a bench. The combat does not begin until we attack him.

We are going to see the main movements or attacks of the enemy and the strategy to kill him easily.

Strategy to defeat the Crystal Guardian

Whether it's stinger or spells, everything affects him, he's a really simple boss with 280 health in our first encounter, and 450 in the second. With a couple of improvements and focusing on dodging well we will have it done. He has only two attacks:

  • Laser Beam: The Guardian will fire a beam of crystalline energy from his hand. He will look to attack us with lightning and shoot it where we were when he started his attack.
  • Sky Beam: We will see multiple beams of crystalline energy shoot simultaneously from the ceiling. These rays can appear throughout the arena, and if that were not enough, this attack can occur together with the guardian's laser attack, we will have spaces to attack, but above all, dodge.

The second encounter with the Crystal Guardian is very similar, but this time the rays will do double damage to us, and they will be orange, so it is more dangerous and also has more life. We recommend amulets such as Shaman Stone, Soul Eater, or Larva Song, others dedicated to quick healing or concentration are not as useful due to the speed of the boss.

Our reward for defeating the Crystal Guardian is as follows:

  • 385 Geo (at first encounter)
  • 550 Geo (in the second encounter)
  • Mask Fragment (in the second encounter)
  • Two entries in the Hunter's Journal