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How to easily defeat the Flash in Hollow Knight


How to easily defeat the Flash in Hollow Knight

We are going to see in this Hollow Knight guide how to easily defeat the Flash, or Radiance, the hidden or secret final boss of the game, just after the Hollow Knight, depending on our actions. We will find it in the Temple of the Black Egg, in the Forgotten Crossings, after having removed the seal from the three masks and having defeated the aforementioned Knight who gives the game its name.

NOTE: The Hollow Knight can be affected by the Dream Sting at the beginning of phase 4 if he has the Heart of the Void equipped and thus we will begin the fight against The Flash.

We are going to see the main movements or attacks of the enemy and the strategy to kill him easily.

Strategy to defeat the Flash

As you imagine, this is the real final boss, and unless you have left something out, this may be your last big fight, so come with all the possible stinger and life upgrades. We face a boss with little life between phases, but in total, it adds up to 1700, and that is really not a little. Lots of attacks, fast, teleport, but no contact damage at least.

  • Light Blast: Flash fires multiple beams of light from his face, 3 times. Each beam consists of 8 rays spaced around the Flash at angles of 45 degrees each.
  • Sword Explosion: The Flash will form 12 swords on its face. They are formed one by one in a clockwise direction, always starting with a random one, surrounding the face of the Flash. When they are all there, he tilts his head, and they all fire simultaneously.
  • Rain of Swords: The Flash causes swords to rain down on us. It will be an attack of several in groups, each attack is 12 swords distributed in 18 columns. There will always be safe spaces between swords, in fact, the space between 2 adjacent swords is large enough to stand without taking damage. In the third phase this attack is much faster, so be careful.
  • Wall of Swords: The Flash summons a wall of 6 swords spread across the arena in 9 rows. These move as a group from right to left or left to right across the arena. There is always space through which the Knight is able to pass, but we recommend using the Shadow Cloak on this occasion.
  • Wall of Light - The boss will summon a wall of light that will cross the arena, similar to swords, the wall of light will cross the arena from right to left or left to right. The part of the wall that does damage is the gigantic ray of light, the trail it leaves behind does no damage. If you use the Shadow Cloak at the right time it is possible to avoid this.
  • Orb: here it will launch about 3 orbs of light at us that will follow our movement. They will chase us until they hit us, hit a surface, or disappear. They appear in random places, so be ready to dodge.
  • Thorny Ground: The Flash can cover a part of the ground with thorns, only during its phases 2 and 3. In phase 2 it will cover half of the field or sand. A part of the ground will glow seconds before the thorns appear, plenty of time to go to the non-dangerous part of the arena. In phase 3, thorns will appear on the sides of the arena, covering a total of half or a quarter if it is on only one side of the arena. Most of this boss's attacks remove 2 health masks, this attack only removes one if it hits us.
  • Great Beam: The Flash fires a large beam of light, an attack exclusive to phase 5. It fires several every few seconds, focus on dodging right now, we have come too far, and we can't lose now.

With this, we will have finished the fight and defeated one of the toughest bosses in the entire game, and we will also have a somewhat different ending about which we will not tell you anything to avoid spoilers.

Our reward for defeating the Flash are the following:

  • Entry in the Hunter's Diary.