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How to easily defeat the Hollow Knight in Hollow Knight


How to easily defeat the Hollow Knight in Hollow Knight

We are going to see in this Hollow Knight guide how to easily defeat the Hollow Knight or Hollow Knight, the final boss of the game, or what could be depending on our decisions after breaking the seal. We will find it in the Temple of the Black Egg, in the Forgotten Crossings, after having removed the seal from the three masks.

We are going to see the main movements or attacks of the enemy and the strategy to kill him easily.

Strategy to defeat the Hollow Knight

We are in the final phase of the game, against the final boss, there are no half measures here, go with all possible improvements, try to have maximum life and the stinger damage improved to the maximum level as well. Either because you end up here or because you later look for the fight against the secret final boss.

In Phase 1, the Hollow Knight has three attacks: Triple Slash, Lunge, and Parry. These are his regular attacks and the ones we will see throughout the entire battle. The Knight will jump back, teleport, and jump across the arena between attacks.

  • Triple Slash: The Knight will slash with his Stinger three times. This attack is only used in phases 1 to 3. Each cut of the Stinger moves the Hollow Knight forward, covering a quarter of the arena, in fact so wide that they can damage us even when we are behind him.
  • Lunge: The Hollow Knight will perform a lunge across the ground with its Stinger pointing towards us. This attack only happens in phases 1 to 3. This attack travels half the arena but can be dodged from above and used to hit.
  • Parry: The Hollow Knight will parry and counterattack with his Stinger. This attack only happens in phases 1 to 3. The counterattack is a large arc with a lot of range. If he stops the attack, or spell, simply use fast forward to get out of his range as quickly as you can.

In phase 2, the Hollow Knight acquires two new attacks: Bombardment (he will launch drops of infection) and Flaming Pillar Plunge (a jump that ends in a vertical blow over our position). He also begins to move and attack faster and more frequently.

Phase 3 begins when the Knight stabs himself with his Sting, here he acquires two other attacks plus Sprout and Bouncing Balloon, but slows down: jumping or teleporting rarely in addition to attacking less frequently.

In Phase 4, The Hollow Knight can barely move. He can no longer teleport or jump, much less wield the Stinger from it. He only uses two attacks in this phase: Bouncing Balloon and Decay.

Our reward for defeating the Hollow Knight is as follows:

  • Entry in the Hunter's Diary.