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How to easily defeat Lord Disloyal in Hollow Knight


How to easily defeat Lord Disloyal in Hollow Knight

We are going to see in this Hollow Knight guide how to easily defeat Lord Disloyal, the main boss, necessary to advance to Lady White, the queen of Hallownest. We can find it northwest of the Queen's Gardens, close to the Green Path. It must be said that before the fight we will face some Mantis traitors.

We are going to see the main movements or attacks of the enemy and the strategy to kill him easily.

Strategy to defeat Mr. Disloyal

We are facing a boss with 800 base health, several attacks, and something dangerous, but we recommend going once we have more than one improvement in the stinger damage and life masks. Let's quickly see his attack set:

  • Diving Strike: The boss jumps to perform a diving strike towards us, similar to the Traitor Mantis. This attack occurs in two parts; the first is the jump up and the second, is the dive. Both sides deal damage. The pit always covers a quarter of the sand.
  • Advance: similar to a lunge towards us while slashing with its claws around it. It is a forward attack that covers a third of the arena.
  • Dancing Scythes: Mr. Faithless generates two spinning orange air scythes. The air scythes will move around the room for several seconds. He will normally carry out this attack if we are away from him.
  • Earth Crusher: On some occasions the Faithless Lord will begin to hit the ground with his claws, generating shock waves in both directions. The waves extend from the floor to the ceiling of the arena, jumping to avoid them. The boss will start using this attack when it reaches 500 health.

Our reward for defeating Lord Disloyal is the following:

  • Access to the White Lady
  • An entry in the Hunter's diary