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How to fix Lords of the Fallen performance issues on PC on Steam - instructions from the developers


How to fix Lords of the Fallen performance issues on PC on Steam - instructions from the developers

Hexworks studio promptly responded to player complaints regarding technical problems in the game Lords of the Fallen by posting several tips on Steam, but only for PC.

Change graphics settings

Use the "Auto-Set" option in the "Game Settings" menu on the "Graphics" tab. This will allow you to apply the settings that best suit your PC configuration and optimize performance.

Update your GPU driver

We also strongly recommend updating your graphics drivers to the latest version. The developers work directly with Nvidia and AMD to ensure the smoothest possible experience on the latest drivers. 

Remove PSOs

If this doesn't help, try removing PSOs by following these steps:

  • Go to: "X:Users/MYUSER/AppData/Local/LOTF2/Saved" .
  • Delete the *.UPIPELINECACHE file .
  • Right-click the game in your Steam library. Select “Properties” - “Installed files” - “Check integrity of game files” .

If the issue is not resolved, there is a workaround that will allow you to access the game. Please note that this solution may result in a microfreeze when entering a new area of ​​the game for the first time. To disable PSOs calculation, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the game in the library;
  • Select "Properties" ;
  • On the General tab, enter the following modifier in the Launch Options text box: -nopsos .

Submit a bug report

If you are still experiencing problems, please send an email to Attach the dxdiag file to the letter and provide the following information:

  • How many hours have you played?
  • Steps to resolve the error(s);
  • Any other useful information.
Also, provide developers with a GPU debug log. Go to Steam settings and enter the following command: "-gpucrashdebugging" . Launch the game and after a crash go to "X:Users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/LOTF2/Saved/Logs/LOTF2.log"

Take both magazines and attach them to your email to .

If the problem is a crash, please send the text contained in the pop-up that appears in the crash message box to the developers. Please click the "Submit" button (without closing the window) as this information goes directly into our bug database.