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How to get all the endings in Robocop: Rogue City - the good, the bad and the worst


How to get all the endings in Robocop: Rogue City - the good, the bad and the worst

Despite the linearity of the story and the fact that Robocop: Rogue City takes place between the films Robocop 2 and Robocop 3, you can expect three different endings. They depend on the last decision after defeating the final boss. There will also be several separate videos that will show the fate of important non-player characters who were influenced by RoboCop throughout the entire playthrough. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the good, bad, and worst endings in the game.

Note: For the ending to be complete, you must maintain certain behaviors throughout the game. Otherwise, you will get a crumpled and chaotic ending.

How to get a good ending

Do good deeds, trying not to fine citizens. When meeting with a psychologist, demonstrate humanity to prove that you are not just a machine. If it is difficult to understand which option is optimal, then upgrade the Psychology skill. In addition, after the final fight, you need to save the Old Man. This way you can achieve a favorable ending and witness the most positive endings for other heroes. RoboCop will become not a cold machine, but a creature with a soul and his own opinion, and the city, although it will not get rid of crime, will become a little brighter.

How to get a bad ending

In this version, you prove that RoboCop is just a machine that follows orders. Any violation by residents is a fine, and it will not be possible to negotiate or bribe such a policeman. When talking with a psychologist, be restrained and rational, as if Murphy has only ones and zeros in his head. After defeating the last enemy, you need to choose the "leave the Old Man to die" option. This decision will convince the public that RoboCop is just a machine without emotions or compassion. People will hate technology, including Alex Murphy, and the ending of the story will become darker and more tragic.

How to get the worst ending

In the final dialogue, there is a third choice - “finish off the Old Man yourself. ” This option will further emphasize that RoboCop is just a tool to achieve goals and therefore will not leave the task to fate. If you are playing a soulless machine, then this is the best option for finishing the game. Otherwise, such a choice will not have a noticeable change, because the rest will repeat itself, as in the bad ending: local residents will be unhappy with the soulless car, and the environment will remain gloomy.

What happens after the finale

Regardless of the final choice and your actions in the game, the ending of the story will always be the same. RoboCop will return to the station with his wounded partner Ann Lewis. They are back together and ready to protect the streets of Detroit. Although this is more like a seed for the second part of the game, they are simply trying to show that this was only a short story of their adventures and that the eradication of evil is still very far away. OCP will continue to build Delta City, and the police will once again collaborate with the Kanemitsu Corporation in RoboCop 3.