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How to get black and white and gold cards in Marvel Snap: card rarity, explained


How to get black and white and gold cards in Marvel Snap: card rarity, explained

Marvel Snap has cards in black and white or with a gold background, but they are not like variants: we explain how rarity levels work, card evolution and what "splits" are.

Marvel Snap has hundreds of different cards counting all its variants: from the most common ones such as chibi, noir, "venom" or pixelated ones, to the rarest ones (or Ultimate ).

You may have seen users on Reddit showing off their black and white cards.

However, if you want to have black and white cards , don't expect to find them as variants when opening collector chests . Black and white cards, as well as cards with a gold background, can only be obtained by "evolving" the cards.

Marvel Snap Card Rarities

You've probably already seen that, when using boosts and credits, cards increase in seven types of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ultra and Infinite. 

You will need 1525 credits and 155 power-ups to raise a card to infinite. But you can do this as many times as you want.

Upon reaching Infinite level, the card will be able to " evolve " and is duplicated: you keep your original Infinite level card, but you get a copy that you can continue evolving in those seven levels. And so, you can continue evolving it and making copies ad infinitum.

But this new copy of the card (called " split ") will not be the same: it has a different, very psychotropic background, which looks like a "rainbow", and from the second "split", it will also have particle effects. And the more times you evolve the card and get more splits, the more funds and different effects you will get. Among them, the black and white one.

Specifically, these are all the types of special effects that splits can have:

Money :

  • Glossy (Foil)
  • Prism
  • Golden
  • Ink (black and white)

Particle Effects :

  • Glimmer (Colorful Light Balls)
  • Tone (Radiant glow, colored or white dots)
  • Stardust
  • Krackle Flare (Jack Kirby's "Kirby" effect, colored spheres)
These background effects and particles are random and have different rarities as well, and that's something the game doesn't tell you, and many players may not even realize. 

But at Marvel Snap Zone they have made a table with the types of effects, and when they appear. For example, in your first split you will only get either the Shine or Prismatic effect . In the second and third split you will get the Shine or Prismatic effect, and you can also get one of the two Particle effects.

Marvel Snap Card Rarities

So how to get black and white cards in Marvel Snap? Starting from the fourth split, after having evolved the card to infinity three times, you can get the Ink effect (Black and White). But only with a 10% chance.

Starting from the fifth Split, the Golden effect can also appear with a 10% chance, and so on forever. 

That is to say: getting a card in Black and White is very, very difficult: you will have to have spent a total of 6,000 credits and 620 power-ups just until you get the fourth split, and then be very lucky (10%) to get that effect.