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How to level up quickly in Lies of P

 Here's what you need to know about ergo farming in Lies of P. Get enough and you'll be able to level up, upgrading your character in the process.

How to level up quickly in Lies of P

Lies of P's story follows classic soulslike leveling mechanics. You eliminate enemies, which this time drop ergo, accumulate enough ergo, and talk to Sophia at the Krat Hotel, to exchange them for levels and points to assign. But of course, the big question is if there is a quick ergo farming method.

How to farm ergo quickly

The answer is simple and short. The further you advance, the more ergo you receive from enemies. So, the further you are in the game's story, the more ergo you will receive, but the more ergo you need to level up, of course. In this situation, you simply have to go to the most advanced Stargazer you have and kill the enemies nearby, in order to get ergo, return to the Stargazer and reset the enemies. The best place at the beginning is the Krat Town Hall, where several puppets with greatswords will appear. They are easy to take out and give a pretty decent amount of ergo, as well as having a Stargazer very close by.

Another system is to consume the ergo stones that you get, but remember not to consume those from the bosses since they will be useful in the future.

Unfortunately, if you were looking for glitches, exploits, or item duplication, there are no records of any of these mechanics so common when exploiting bugs in a game being present in Lies of P.