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How to make time pass quickly in Starfield?

 This is the system to quickly pass time in Starfield. Do you want to restart the stores or make it night? The thing is quite simple.

Starfield has a day and night system that results in days passing ingame. This affects, for example, the stock and money of stores, among other things. To make time pass quickly, just know this simple mechanic.

How to make time pass quickly in Starfield

To pass the time all you need is a chair or a bed. It can be a chair in a store, in a plaza, or one of the ones on your ship (not the one in the cabin, obviously). As you approach, you will see the option to Sit.

How to make time pass quickly in Starfield

Once your character is seated, you will see that the Wait option appears at the bottom of the screen. Press the corresponding button and the menu of how long you want to wait will appear .

As you can see, the game tells you the hours you wait and the "normal" hours that pass. On some planets, the days have more or less than 24 Earth hours. So, if, for example, you want to wait 48 hours to make time pass, you have to see how many local hours correspond to two days on that planet. In the example we show, for example, 48 Earth hours would be spent in 24 locations. It doesn't have any complications.

The system is the same if you wait in a bed, but keep in mind that you will not be able to do so in hostile environments. This method is used to reset stores, to respawn enemies and fauna on planets, and, in general, to pass time in any mission in which, for example, they tell you that X days have to pass in order to advance in the quest.