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How to quickly increase Dreamkeeper reputation in Patch 10.2 on WoW

 Our guide to quickly building the new reputation of Patch 10.2.

How to quickly increase Dreamkeeper reputation in Patch 10.2 on WoW

Discover in this guide how to quickly increase the reputation of the Guardians of the Dream, the new faction added on November 8 with the arrival of Patch 10.2 on WoW. This is important from the perspective of the game in HL because of the bonuses provided by the latter and in particular the purchase of an unlimited rune (the Dreambourd Augment Rune ) at Renown 18. Thus, players seeking to progress in M+ and in Mythical Raid it will be in their interest to quickly raise the Guardians of the Dream to level 18 reputation from the first days of the Patch's release.

How to get to Renown 18 level as quickly as possible on Guardians of the Dream?

If some people remember the fairly intensive farming of the first seasons of Shadowlands or BfA, let them rest assured. It will be quite quick and easy to reach level 18 (for the Dreambourd Augment Rune ) and finally Renown 20 on the reputation of the Guardians of the Dream. Indeed, it will be possible to be Renown 18 before Saturday, November 18 by following our guide, unless Blizzard nerfs the reputation gain.

Note that we do not take into account the fact of being Human, which greatly accelerates the gain in reputation given the race buff.

Go up quickly using an alt/reroll

The quickest method to level 18 will be to use a reroll. Yes, it sounds weird but let us explain. The new reputation has a bonus at Renown level 10, which grants an additional 100% reputation bonus with the Dreamkeepers on all your characters on your account, as long as their Renown level is below 10.

So, it's very simple, you just need to start the quests in the Guardians of the Dream zone with your reroll, reach Renown level 10 (possible on the first day by completing all the secondary quests) in order to unlock the boost in reputation and then play on your main character.

You must nevertheless respect the following points with your hand :

  • Do not loot any of the 4 chests present in the area (see next chapter)
  • Do not collect any of the 3 special treasures (see next chapter)
  • Do not use any tokens that give reputation with the Guardians of the Dream
  • Use a contract to boost reputation gain by doing World Quests

So, you will wait until level 10 of Renown is even a little more without using its reputation gains which are unique. Just do all the story quests as well as the weekly and daily ones on your hand. You must complete the chapters of the first week with your hand, this will notably unlock the first spark for your future 486 ilvl crafts. 

When the second week begins (Wednesday, November 15), do not advance the campaign before the arrival of the reputation boost obtained by the WoW Anniversary gift (normally Thursday, November 16). By taking advantage of this bonus, you will then be able to use all the reputation tokens as well as loot the different chests and Rare Bosses in the area.

By completing the new story chapters in the second week of Patch 10.2, you will also get an additional daily quest. In total, you should have reputation access to unlock Renown level 18 around Friday, November 17, or even Saturday, November 18 with the reset of daily quests.

Quickly build reputation without using reroll/alt

If you do not use the reroll technique (which allows you to reach Renown 10 very quickly and thus finish the first week around Renown 15-16), it will still be possible to obtain the Renown level. 18 before the end of the second week.

However, this requires completing all of the content in the first and second weeks, as well as once again taking advantage of the reputation bonus thanks to the WoW anniversary gift.

Additionally, contract usage in the first and second week will be necessary to ensure you pass Renown 18 as quickly as possible.

How to gain Dreamkeeper reputation?

Reputation gains for the new faction are pretty straightforward and it's not really profitable to farm what's repeatable.

Sources of reputation for Dreamkeepers:

  • Each chapter of the main story of the Patch grants 2500 reputation (only once per character)
  • There are 9 campaign side quests (only once per character)
  • 1 additional weekly PvP quest that grants 1,000 reputation
  • Each week, 4 weekly quests must be completed
  • 6 Rare Bosses are killable for reputation gain
  • 3 Special Treasures are to be collected (only once per character)
  • 4 chests are hidden in the area (only once per character)
  • Around 20 World Quests will be available each week
  • By planting seeds in the area, via items obtained during events (repeatable, more info below)

Thus, as presented previously, the technique of using a reroll during your first visit to the new area allows you to unlock the reputation bonus on all your characters in your account (once Renown level 10 is reached). This will allow you to pass Renown 10 on your main character after completing the first 3 chapters of the story (during the first week) and the first side quests. Everything else will therefore be a bonus bringing you closer to level 18.

Location of side quests in the Dreamkeepers area

All of these quests are available from the moment you have completed the first chapter of the main campaign.

  • /way 52.03 63.62
  • /way 49.81 62.50
  • /way 50.13 61.04
  • /way 50.74 62.07
  • /way 50.30 63.38
  • /way 58.74 23.97
  • /way 50.75 62.08
  • /way 50.77 62.03
A ninth quest will appear in the second week of content (starting Wednesday, November 15). In addition, the weekly PvP quest in Valdrakken also concerns the reputation of the Guardians of the Dream, at least for the week of November 8 to 15.

Where to find chests and treasures for the Guardians of the Dream?

As mentioned previously, these treasures and chests can only be looted once per character. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for the reputation gain from the WoW anniversary before recovering them, i.e. on Thursday, November 16.

Dream Chest Locations:

Please note, to interact with these, you will have to use the /sleep (or /dormir) command once in front of the chest.

  • /way 55.68, 22.55
  • /way 54.83, 44.62 (entrance to the cellar)
  • /way 46.40, 86.16
  • /way 69.58, 52.85 (into a building)

You can use the Tomtom addon to use the references listed above, which will display a marker on your map.

Location of special treasures:

These treasures are again unique, you can only collect them once per character.

  • /way 47.47, 34.92
  • /way 55.27, 57.25
  • /way 64.35 61.31

You can use the Tomtom addon to use the references listed above, which will display a marker on your map.

Where to find Rare Bosses for Guardians of the Dream reputation?

There are 6 Rare Bosses in the area, giving a reputation bonus when you defeat them. Be careful, however, our tests on the PTR showed several results: on one version the reputation gain was unique for the week, on another it was possible to eliminate them every day.

  • Raszageth's Last Breath: /way 67.20, 66.20
  • Emissary of Winter: /way 34.60, 63.20

You will have to throw objects located near the well in order to make the Boss appear.

  • Fystia: /way 30.10, 20.80
She appears after the cultists around her spawn point have been eliminated.

  • Gessie: /way 54.00, 41.10
The bear will appear after completing the bonus objective (the ingredients) in the area.

  • Moruud: /way 64.27, 83.87
Use the various ropes on the shore to immobilize Moruud, which will make him appear. It is possible to activate the strings one by one in solo.

  • Nuoberon: /way 61.70, 71.60
Note that for most of these Bosses, it is recommended to be several, since they have a lot of life points.

Farm reputation outside of World Quests

It is possible to farm reputation more or less regularly by replanting and watering plants on the sidelines of events. You will need to place 1 to 5 drops on the freshly planted flower to make it bloom.

Note that it is possible to benefit from other players' seeds by participating in watering the flower. So work as a team to be more efficient!

On the PTR, this method had no limit on reputation gain (50 per plant), allowing you to get closer to Reputation 18 from the first week if you are really motivated.

The reputation of the Guardians of the Dream and the rerolls/alts

If we mentioned at the beginning of this guide the possibility of taking advantage of the reputation bonus of Renown 10 on your main character by starting farming on a reroll, it is important to note that it will be possible to do the opposite after the fact.

So, once Renown 20, all your secondary characters will benefit from a 200% reputation bonus. This allows an alt to also obtain the unlimited rune by simply completing the different chapters of the campaign, once it is completed.

As a reminder, the objective of quickly increasing the new reputation of Patch 10.2, the Guardians of the Dream, is to be able to purchase the unlimited rune as soon as possible, which gives a good boost in stats for M+ and Raid content. But there are other rewards as well, including a title and stones as well as customization items.