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How to unlock all characters in Risk of Rain Returns

 Risk of Rain Returns is a remake of the cult roguelike game Risk of Rain. The developers have preserved the atmosphere and basic gameplay, but, in addition, they have introduced many innovations. Today the game features 12 basic characters from the original game, three new ones, and one secret one. In this guide, we will tell you about all the heroes and how to open them.

How to open Commando

A versatile starting character that will allow you to learn the game. His skills are balanced, so you can collect all the artifacts and adapt to the situation. Available at the start of the game.

How to open Commando

How to unlock the Huntress

A dexterous character who can easily destroy targets one by one or clear an entire location with one successful skill. It's easier to play than others because it has an auto-guidance system. Available at the start of the game.

How to unlock Defender

A slow but persistent character who uses a shotgun and a shield. Plays well in co-op because there are many invincible enemies in a solo run. It is best to collect additional health, shields, and damage to nearby enemies.

To unlock you need to kill three bosses:

  • Magma worm.
  • A wandering tramp.
  • Colossus.
This does not have to be done in one run.

How to open Bandit

The attack speed of this fighter directly depends on your click speed. The gameplay for it will be fast, and if assembled correctly, the clearing of locations will be record-breaking. It is best to collect through attack speed and skill cooldown reduction. To open you need to go through the third level.

How to unlock Pilot

A new character who specializes in vertical combat. Can freely jump between platforms and also request an airstrike. It does not have universal builds, but it is worth focusing on movement speed and the number of attacks per second. To unlock, you need to collect 15 monster records, which randomly drop when destroyed.

How to open the Loader

A melee fighter who, instead of dodging, uses a pull-up to the running glove. A specific character that can be played through attack speed or enhancing passive damage, for example from droids. To open it you need to collect 30 items, which you can buy in chests or get when killing the boss.

How to unlock Mechanic

A passive character whose task is to survive. The summoned turrets and placed mines will do the rest for him. The best items are artifacts, which provide a bonus when the character is stationary or stays in one area for a long time. To open, you need to buy a total of 40 drones.

How to open Chef

A fighter who specializes in enhancing his basic attack. It works well with a combined set of artifacts, but the bias needs to be made towards reducing the cooldown of skills. To unlock a character, collect a piece of meat, a rampage mushroom, a sprouting egg, a bitter root, and a strange fruit in one playthrough.

How to unlock Akrid

A combo fighter who excels at close range and also poisons enemies across the visible map. Increasing base damage will help boost all damage dealt. In addition, you will need to increase his endurance. An alien creature can join your team if you open the iron box in the Sunken Tombs No. 3 location in the upper right corner of the map and defeat the mini-boss.

How to open Miner

A melee character with an energy storage mechanic. The longer you are in battle, the stronger the Miner becomes. For a successful run, he needs additional attack speed, artifacts that give debuffs, as well as the Sky Piercer.

For the Miner to become available, you have to walk across the lava in the “Burning Barracks No. 1” location in the lower right corner of the map and defeat the mini-boss. In addition, in this cave, there is a record of the environment. We managed to get him with the Huntress using a double jump and a basic dash.

How to unlock the Inventor

The second new character who first appeared in Risk of Rain 2. This is a mid-range fighter with fairly complex controls. To deal maximum damage, you will need additional movement speed and many slowdowns and stuns. To open, you need to visit 10 unique levels.

How to open Vagabond

The last new character that adds a new mechanic to the game is crafting items from scrap. He reveals himself to the fullest in co-op mode but is also quite strong alone. Increase mobility and attack speed, everything else can be obtained from scrap. To unlock, you need to dispose of 6 drones in one playthrough.

How to unlock MAST-3R

The cleaning robot MAST-3R (in the English version HAN-D) is a universal fighter. He can't block damage or dodge, so it's always worth having a couple of healing drones in stock. The final build may vary but always try to increase your attack speed. The character is hidden in the second cargo bay of the final level. There you will find a container with a dilapidated door, which you just need to activate.

How to open Sniper

A fighter with a single-shot rifle. By reloading on time, you will constantly deal increased damage. Ideal against single targets, but useless against crowds. Artifacts with additional damage will help you kill even bosses with one shot. To open it, just go through the final level.

How to unlock a Mercenary

A character with weak base damage, but with a constant invulnerability buff. The faster your skills recharge, the longer you can live. To unlock a character you need to complete the game five times, at a difficulty level higher than Rain.

How to unlock the secret character Robomando

A rather weak character, the discovery of which will be a feat for many. It’s better to open it in the later stages when you’ve already gotten used to the pace of the game and found your favorite character. To do this you need to do the following:

  1. Pick up the “Strange Battery” at the “Temple of the Ancients” location. It is located at the edge of the area, behind the wall. This item must be saved until the very end, without ever activating it.
  2. Activate the teleport to be transported to the final location.
  3. Find the pass key and open the living quarters in the lower right corner.
  4. Jump off the ledge to reach a cave with dancing golems.
  5. There will be a passage in the wall on the left, which requires a double jump or vertical skills of the characters.
  6. At the end, there is a chest waiting for you that will save the “Strange Battery” for the next race.
  7. Start a new race by changing the difficulty to Downpour.
  8. In the second location, find a chest with red diodes. The battery will be there.
  9. Clear the area and wait until the 22-minute mark before moving on to the third level.
  10. Find a secret location. There is a robot hidden in it, with a green arrow above it. Once activated, he will take some of your items and must win.
  11. When you die, you will forever unlock a secret character.