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Hwei and Jhin: what relationships do the two characters share in LoL?

 Hwei seems to share a common passion and history with Jhin. But what is their relationship? We'll explain it to you in detail, we tell you everything.

Hwei and Jhin: what relationships do the two characters share in LoL?

Hwei, the midlaner mage from Iona uses paint to inflict damage, grant shields to his allies, and even control the thoughts of his opponents! With a combo of more than ten possible spells and a breathtaking ultimate, don't underestimate the power of an artist who wants to express themselves.

Hwei's genesis stems from three distinct concepts: that of an artist mage, a melancholic antihero, and a human mid-laner mage without physical features like Ryze. After explaining its spells to you and giving you its release date, we explain the relationship that Hwei and Jhin share on League of Legends.

What is the relationship between Jhin and Hwei in League of Legends history?

Here is Hwei's story in which we find a short mention of Jhin:

Hwei grew up in a temple on Koyehn, a small Ionian island where he spent his time painting. The temple, located in a milling town, is home to students who come to learn how to harness the power of artistic magic through precision and balance.

In Hwei's case, when he attempted to combine his vivid imagination and talent for painting, the temple masters called him to order, asking him to conform to "traditional practices."

To continue living at the temple, he adopted an outwardly conforming appearance while secretly honing his special abilities, feeling both a fascination and awe of his own power. Through this act, he became an honored member of the community.

His life changed when another exceptional artist joined the temple of artists. They became close, as Jhin was the only person who understood his art, but the Virtuoso betrayed him in the end by launching a brutal attack on the temple, replacing his paintbrush with a gun.

After all, this man believes that murder is art. This leaves Hwei scarred and confused. He has yet to find a resolution after this major loss and expresses his sadness through art, which Riot encapsulates within his skill set.