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In this game you have to keep order while your cat causes chaos

 Relaxing “cozy games” are becoming more and more popular. This can also include the puzzle game “A Little to the Left”. But the premise doesn't sound at all relaxing at first: you have to clean up and get rid of your cat's mess. We tested how this works as a game on Steam.

Was ist „A Little to the Left“?

  • The puzzle game was released on Steam and for the Nintendo Switch in November 2022. It was realized by just 2 people, Annie Macmillan and Lukas Steinman.
  • Meanwhile, there is also a DLC, “Cupboards & Drawers” ​​available.
  • The game currently has 90% positive reviews on Steam.

This is how the clean-up madness works

You sort, stack, and organize household items in over 75 levels. What can be really annoying in real life turns out to be extremely relaxing in “A Little to the Left” with calm music and simple but pretty graphics.

Since there are several solutions for each puzzle, you have a little more freedom when puzzling because you don't have to come up with "one solution". You can also try a level multiple times this way.

In addition, there is an extra level every day with which you can unlock fun badges.

What do I particularly like? What excited me most about the game were the innovative ideas that turn organizing everyday objects into puzzles.

Sometimes you just have to straighten a few pictures, sometimes put away a toolbox and other times prepare the table faster than the sly cat can destroy it. Because your house cat has quite the paw for chaos.
This is how the clean-up madness works

This is how the clean-up madness works

The inner Monk in me

You know those videos where cakes are cut crookedly or things are cut out incorrectly? Do you also get the crisis? Then you are the perfect target group for “A Little to the Left”.

Basically, it's about sorting things as satisfactorily as possible. In the end, everything is straight and in its perfect place - and then the next level comes. My inner Monk really keeps me on my toes. Because as soon as I see the new chaos that has been created, I have to quickly insert a battery here, peel off a label there - and then I have played 5 more levels.

What wasn't so good? I should probably mention that I'm not normally a huge puzzle fan. My frustration limit isn't particularly high and when it comes to puzzle passages in other games, I usually search the internet pretty quickly for the solution. 

In “A Little to the Left,” the difficulty often comes from figuring out what the task actually is. What should I do with the pile of letters now? And where does this cleaning sponge go?

The principle is actually pretty cool because it encourages creative thinking. A few times, at least for me, I got a bit frustrated because I actually thought my solution idea was suitable, but it didn't count.

Luckily, there are pretty clear tips that will help you move forward safely if you don't feel like completing a level anymore. And in general, I definitely wouldn't describe the game as difficult.

Conclusion: Overall, “A Little to the Left” is a magical little game for all order-loving puzzle fans, where you can relax snuggled up with a hot drink, especially in the cold season.

Even if you're not feeling so well, relaxing “cozy games” can be great. They take us into a beautiful world and let us forget the stressful everyday life for a moment.