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Indie World 2023 Broadcast Time: When is the Nintendo event taking place?

 Rejoice fans of independent games, Nintendo has prepared something great for you for November 14, 2023! Find out the broadcast time.

Indie game fans on Nintendo Switch can explode with joy, because an all-new Indie World is planned for November 14, 2023! This long-awaited presentation promises to reveal the next independent gems that will soon land on Nintendo's hybrid console.

Recent rumors even suggest that a highly anticipated space game could finally make its appearance on the Nintendo Switch. We'll tell you the time when the Nintendo Direct Indie World will be broadcast on YouTube

What time will the 2023 Nintendo Direct Indie World air?

The Nintendo Direct Indie World on November 14, 2023, long-awaited by fans, will take place at 6 p.m., providing an exciting opportunity to discover upcoming projects from independent developers. During this presentation, creators will have the opportunity to reveal their upcoming projects, giving players an exclusive preview of the titles that will expand the already impressive Nintendo Switch library.

To make sure they don't miss anything from this highly anticipated Indie World, fans can tune into the Nintendo Direct on the official Nintendo channel. 

Speculation is rife about the possible announcement of a long-awaited space game. Recent rumors have fueled gamers' excitement, hinting at the possibility of traveling to the far reaches of space directly from their Nintendo Switch. If these assumptions come to fruition, it would mark a major milestone for the console and provide players with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Previous editions of Indie World were often the scene of memorable revelations, propelling certain independent titles towards the status of video game phenomena. Games such as "Hollow Knight", "Stardew Valley" and "Cuphead " found their audience thanks to these presentations dedicated to independent games.