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Irelia Arcane season 2 Netflix: will the champion be in the series?

 Season 2 of Arcane promises to shake up Netflix like the first season before it. Is Irelia present in the series? We'll tell you everything.

Since the launch of the first season of Arcane on Netflix, fans of the video game League of Legends (LoL) have been eager to discover what the future holds for their favorite champions.

With Arcane Season 2 in the works, much speculation has emerged regarding the possible appearance of Irelia, an iconic LoL champion, in the hit animated series.

Irelia in season 2 of Arcane on Netflix? Everything we know

Arcane received praise from audiences and critics for its exceptional animation, gripping story, and well-developed characters. The first season explored the origins of champions such as Jinx, Vi, and Jayce while immersing viewers in the political intrigues and conflicts of the towns of Piltover and Zaun.

Although the series has already incorporated several popular champions, the inclusion of Irelia seems unlikely, at least for now.

Arcane's creators have so far kept details of Season 2 under wraps, but certain factors make Irelia's inclusion unlikely. Her absence from the first season's major storylines, combined with the fact that other champions have stronger ties to Arcane's central themes, leaves little room for hope of seeing Irelia come to life on screen. Additionally, it is important to clarify that she comes from Ionia, another continent north of Piltover and Zaun.

For the moment from Fortiche, the animation studio behind Arcane or Riot Games, no news on the presence of the Blade Dancer in season 2 of Arcane on Netflix. You will have to wait for the official release to potentially discover the Crusher on your screens.

Irelia in season 2 of Arcane on Netflix? Everything we know

So, do you think Irelia will be in season 2 of Arcane?