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Is Gladiator worth buying on Marvel Snap? Decks and strategies with the new November card


Is Gladiator worth buying on Marvel Snap? Decks and strategies with the new November card

Gladiator is the new card of the Ms. Marvel season in Marvel Snap: Higher, faster, further, with Gladiator in our deck? Let's see if he deserves the chips.

The November season of Marvel Snap, shorter than usual (it started on November 7, in the heat of the premiere of the movie The Marvels ) continues with Gladiator, the new card of Series 5, which you can get for 6,000 collector tokens for the next seven days.

You already know how difficult it is to get collector tokens in this game (or how lucky you have to be with the featured chests) so as you will always wonder, is the new card of the week in Marvel Snap worth it?

In this guide, we explain how the Gladiator effect works and the best decks to use the new card in the game, with a destroy effect.

Best deck with Gladiator in Marvel Snap

Best deck with Gladiator in Marvel Snap

Gladiaror, a character created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum in the 1977 X-Men comics, belongs to an alien race from the planet Strontia, a member of the Imperial Guard whose super-strength powers only appear if he is completely committed and confident with the cause.

That explains his power in Marvel Snap: he will be able to destroy a card from your opponent's deck, but only if it has less power than himself.

  • Gladiator (3-7) : When revealed: Add a card from your opponent's deck to their side of this location. If he has less Power, he destroys it.

This effect turns Gladiator into an unpredictable card, attractive due to its very high power compared to the cost (one of the most powerful 3-cost cards) but with a random power that, in many cases, can be beneficial for the opponent if 

  • a) draws a card that has more power than Gladiator (plays it for free)
  • b) allows that card to activate its power Upon Reveal (if I were Professor X I would prevent it from being destroyed)
  • c) this card benefits from being destroyed (like Wolverine, Nova...)
So, which decks does Gladiator fit into? Given his unpredictable effect, there's no clear answer, but there are some cards that can boost Gladiator's effect. For example, Silver Surfer, which would increase Gladiator's power to 9, therefore making it more unlikely that the card Gladiator draws will avoid being destroyed.

Surfer is usually played in Sera Surfer decks, with the aim of reducing the cost of your cards to be able to play several 3-cost cards in the last turns, along with cards like Storm, Juggernaut, Brood, Spider-Man or Electro .