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Jack Skellington Disney Dreamlight Valley: when is it released for the game?

 Disney Dreamlight Valley will soon be officially released and is already announcing the next new features including the arrival of Mr. Jack Skellington!

Jack Skellington Disney Dreamlight Valley: when is it released for the game?

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released gameplay footage of Jack Skellington, the character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. While Disney Dreamlight Valley will soon leave Early Access, fans are waiting more than ever for the next updates.

The game has had no shortage of updates, fixes, and new content, as it has brought many additions since its initial launch in 2022. The introduction of new characters will continue in the coming months despite the release official version of the game and an upcoming model change and abandonment of the free-to-play version. 

Mr. Jack soon on Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Gameloft recently announced Disney Dreamlight Valley's first paid expansion, A Rift in Time, as well as the free content roadmap for 2024. While the word paid might worry some players, the roadmap through 2024 ensures that the game will still offer updates to regular users who won't purchase DLC.

Despite this paid update of three story arcs, free updates will still be implemented in the game, especially since the free content includes beloved characters such as Jack Skellington who is long overdue as we approach Christmas!

A short Jack Skellington teaser video posted on the official Disney Twitter account shows Jack in the game as your character. You can see several of Jack's expressions, which demonstrate the work of the developers to ensure the accuracy of the famous Disney hero. According to the tweet, the game will introduce the Pumpkin King on December 5, which is when the game leaves Early Access.

While the announcement of Jack Skellington was well received by fans and the community, there are still many characters from this universe that the game could also introduce. We think in particular of Sally, Jack's lover, but also of Zero, Jack Skellington's ghost dog.

In any case, the Disney characters and universes are very diverse in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If the developers decide to go the Kingdom Hearts route, the list gets even longer. Hopefully, the release of Early Access will allow developers to be more creative when introducing new content.