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Jujutsu Kaisen 244 Raw: Yuta will bring Gojo back to life, after getting rid of Kenjaku?

 Yuta eliminated Kenjaku in one hit! Will he resurrect Satoru Gojo? Check out scan 244 of Jujutsu Kaisen here! We tell you everything.

Yuji Itadori, a high school student and member of the spiritualism club, does not share the belief in the existence of ghosts... until a mission of his classmates turns into a nightmare. The relic they uncover, namely the severed finger of a thousand-year-old creature, attracts the attention of monstrous creatures! Without hesitation, Yuji swallows the finger to ward off bad luck... but he then finds himself possessed by Ryomen Sukuna, the famous two-faced demon!

If like many fans, you are looking to know everything about the next scan, We'll tell you everything about the spoilers and the raw of chapter 244 of Jujutsu Kaisen. There are things to say!

Raw and JJK Chapter 244 Spoilers: Gojo is back thanks to Yuta who destroyed Kenjaku?

The chapter begins by refocusing the attention on Higurama and Yuji who approach Sukuna. In JJK Chapter 244, a flashback shows us all the characters coming together and finalizing their plans. The exorcists plan to neutralize Kenjaku by distracting him with the help of Yuta, a strategy that could only succeed if Gojo were to lose.

Regarding the fight against Sukuna, Kusakabe emphasizes the need to choose who will participate in the fight and who will abstain. Kashimo suggests that everyone should intervene, considering this an all-out war. Kusakabe reveals that Miwa cannot fight against Sukuna, having made a binding vow to Shibuya to never draw her sword again.

JJK Chapter 244 Spoilers: Yuta Arrives and Saves the Day! Kenjaku's death

Kamo, present at the meeting, apologizes for not participating in the mission, citing the need to watch over his family. Therefore, Kamo leaves the country with his family for a safer place. Kusakabe stipulates that only those ready to die and capable of using the RCT or Reversal Spell in French can participate in combat. Yuji tries to console Kamo by telling him that he can learn a lot from him despite his feelings of uselessness.

Higurama announces that he will join the battlefield after Kashimo and confiscate Sukuna's occult technique with his own. If Sukuna is sentenced to death, he can fight using the Executioner's Sword.

Kashimo intervenes, irritated by the idea that everyone thinks he's going to lose. Hakari points out that this is just a guess. Kusakabe asks if Higurama can impose the death sentence on Sukuna.

JJK Chapter 244 Spoilers: Yuta Arrives and Saves the Day! Kenjaku's death

Yuji replies that everything depends on the Judge, and Higurama can't do anything himself. There is a possibility that Sukuna will reveal the death penalty, having changed wielders three times and killed multiple people each time.

Higurama recaps Sukuna's crimes, explaining that, after taking Megumi's body, Sukuna could be accused of harming or even killing Megumi, or stealing a corpse, depending on Megumi's condition.

It also explains how sentencing works: one murder is equivalent to 10-15 years in prison, two murders are equivalent to life imprisonment or the death penalty, and three or more murders can result in an immediate death sentence.

Kusakabe believes that under the rules of ordinary trial, Sukuna could be sentenced to death. However, in the Higurama technique, the Judge only considers one crime at a time.

JJK Chapter 244 Spoilers: Yuta Arrives and Saves the Day! Kenjaku's death

There is a possibility that Sukuna's crimes dating back 1000 years may not be valid for pre-reincarnated Sukuna. If Higurama thinks it's impossible, the Judge in his occult technique will think so too. Higurama admits not knowing which Sukuna technique will be confiscated.

Yuji's mind lights up, suggesting that there might be a way to get Sukuna sentenced to death. The flashback ends, and the focus turns to the fight, where Mei Mei's crows are seen sitting near Sukuna, but they are destroyed immediately.

Yuji slices the debris into smaller pieces and sends them flying towards Sukuna. Higurama manages to bind Sukuna's weapon. Yuji delivers a powerful punch to Sukuna, shaking his entire body. Sukuna wonders what his new power is.

JJK Chapter 244 Spoilers: Yuta Arrives and Saves the Day! Kenjaku's death

Higurama finally opens his domain against Sukuna. Yuji reveals that the two of them can use the test from when they fought Sukuna.

JJK Chapter 244 ends with Higurama starting the trial against Yuji and Sukuna, where the Judge accuses Yuji of being a mass murderer. Just before the end, Higurama comes to Yuji's defense.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter/Scan 244 Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 releases on December 3 at 4 p.m. PT according to Shueisha. 

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter/Scan 244 Release Date