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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 finally reveals Sukuna's great battle


Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 finally reveals Sukuna's great battle

The second season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime has not been wasted, since in a few episodes high-impact events have been addressed that have marked a before and after in the series, showing surprising battles that have made the great work evident. that Studio MAPPA has done by animating every detail of the controversial Shibuya arc.

Likewise, the adaptation to the digital format of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen has had great changes that have made this installment a complete marvel, as they have served to make every moment of this great arc memorable.

As the plot progressed, the Shibuya incident reached its climax, since it showed great battles that have given a lot to talk about, Studio MAPPA has done an excellent animation job in adapting these encounters, and finally, One of the most anticipated confrontations by fans has taken place, as the most recent episode addressed the epic fight of Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses.

This post contains Spoilers for episode #16 of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen.

The long-awaited great battle of Sukuna and Jogo has had an epic animation display

It is no secret that many fans were aware that the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen would address great moments and incredible combats that would further enhance this fantastic work since the confrontation between Mechamaru and Mahito confirmed that Studio MAPPA had great plans for each battle of this arch.

The second season of Jujutsu Kaisen has been offering several memorable battles, which have been full of moments full of action and a unique display of skills, as evidenced in Toji Fushiguro's confrontation against Dagon, which could be considered one of the best fights in anime, since Studio MAPPA adapted each sequence of this fight to perfection, giving viewers a phenomenal result.

That is why, evidently, Studio MAPPA would shine when tackling the long-awaited great battle of Sukuna against Jogo, since the fans were eager to enjoy this fight that was not wasted, becoming a true audiovisual gem that confirms that the animation of MAPPA is at a higher level.

The battle of Sukuna and Jogo had great choreography, epic animation, and effects to match making it a true work of art that will significantly enhance this second season of Jujutsu Kaisen. In fact, this confrontation has been so sublime that some fans have not hesitated to take to the networks to praise the great work of Studio MAPPA, as is the case of the user called @xDonutW who has shared a fragment of the fierce and exciting fight between the two Special Grade Curses.

As evidenced in this video, each sequence, choreography, frame, and moment of this epic battle is a true marvel that once again demonstrates that Studio MAPPA is one of the best animation studios today, as they have done exceptional work by enhancing every detail of Gege Akutami 's iconic work .

It should be noted that this amazing animation enhanced this battle and did not disappoint the fans, since Jogo proved to be incredibly strong, to the point of facing the two most powerful characters in the series, who evidently overcame this controversial curse that he was shown to have. a great power.

Once again, Sukuna flaunted his feared reputation as the King of Curses and gave a brief glimpse of his immeasurable power, demonstrating why he is one of the great villains of this controversial story.

Without a doubt, the long-awaited battle of Sukuna and Jogo will go down in history along with that of Toji and Dagon, since Studio MAPPA made both a true audiovisual marvel, notably enhancing each moment of Jujutsu Kaisen in a unique way and foreshadowing that the next confrontations They could continue with the same quality of animation.