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KC LEC 2024 Roster: an already legendary team! Who are the players?

 But WOW what an announcement, Kameto and KCorp are coming to the LEC! But who will be the players to play in this league? We'll answer you.

KC LEC 2024 Roster: an already legendary team! Who are the players?

Kamine Corp, more commonly known as KCorp, has just acquired a slot to enter the official League of Legends championship: The LEC (League of Legends European Championship). The structure has taken over the Astralis slot and is expected to debut in winter 2024.

Kameto, the famous streamer leading this team, made the announcement live on Twitch on October 18, 2023. In addition to this news, KCorp remains in the LFL, which they will use as an "academic" team to develop young talent. But then, who are the players who make up the Kcorp Roster in the LEC? We'll answer your question.

KCorp roster in LEC: who are the Karmine Corp players?

Astralis sold its LEC slot to Karmine Corp for a huge amount which you can find out in our article. So it's official, KCorp and Kameto will be in the LEC at the end of the year! The good news however, they keep their location in LFL as an academic "team" in order to train new talents.

For the moment, we do not yet know the players who make up the Karmine Corp LEC team, they have not been announced. Bookmark this article as it will be updated when we know more. Many wonder about the possibility of Caliste joining the roster, but nothing is certain because of the 18-year-old limit.

Thanks to the Sheepesports site and their leaks, Crow, a popular influencer on the scene, has drawn up a list of potential players on the KC LEC roster. We would notably find Cabochard, Bo, Saken, Upset, and Targams for the LEC Roster of Karmine Corp. Part of the public in particular expresses doubts about the presence of Saken for various reasons.

There are still a few months until Karmine Corp makes its LEC debut, but fans are already eager to see what the organization will bring to the Berlin stage. This transition marks a new chapter in the history of the KCorp and the LEC, and League of Legends enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the 2024 season to see the Karmine Corp shine on the European stage.