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KC vs T1 Match Date and Time: When does it take place?

 Rejoice, fans of League of Legends esports, Karmine Corp will face T1 during Red Bull a League of Its Own! We tell you everything.

KC vs T1 Match Date and Time: When does it take place?

The Berlin Velodrom, located in Germany, is preparing to host the flagship event of the Red Bull League of Its Own, an invitation that merges the diverse facets of the League of Legends universe for a unique experience. The formidable South Korean team T1, already recognized as a true legend, will compete against the best European teams, promising fans a spectacle not to be missed. 

During the Karmine KCX3, we even learned that the French Kameto team would participate! Breakflip gives you the date and time when we will be able to watch the KCorp vs T1 match! It already promises to be legendary.

Red Bull League of Its Own date, when is the event taking place? 

The Red Bull League of Its Own takes place on December 9 at the Berlin Velodrome and is live on or BIG and Eintracht Spandau will compete for the opportunity to compete against T1 and demonstrate the power of the German League of Legends scene. You will have the privilege of witnessing the competition between the most prominent German League of Legends streamers, NNO Old, and the undisputed icon Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyeok and his legendary team.

Date and time of the KC vs T1 match=

Karmine Corp is present at the Red Bull League of Its Own, but we do not yet know the exact time at which they will face each other. However, we know that the KC vs T1 duel will take place on December 9, 2023, in Berlin and on Twitch.

Stay tuned as new teams will be revealed soon. It's only the beginning, and believe us, you'll want to witness those who dare to challenge T1. Tickets for the event sold out in less than three hours!