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LEC 2024 date: When does the Winter Split start?

 LEC 2024 Winter Season: discover the teams, format, and forecast dates for this European e-sport competition on League of Legends!

LEC 2024 date: When does the Winter Split start?

As League of Legends fans prepare for another year of exciting competition, all eyes are on the LEC (League of Legends European Championship) 2024 Winter Season. This competition, which marks the first split of the sixth year of the LEC, promises to be a major event for e-sports fans.

The LEC 2024 Winter Season is a crucial stage in the professional League of Legends circuit in Europe. With ten top teams competing and an exciting competition format, fans are eagerly awaiting kick-off. We give you all the information.

Start of the 2024 LEC Winter Season: Dates and Key Information

For the LEC winter 2024 season, ten teams will compete in a single round-robin group stage, where each match will be played in a single set. The participating teams are well-known names in the world of esports, including Excel, Fnatic, G2 Esports, Karmine Corp, MAD Lions, Rogue2, SK Gaming, Team BDS, Team Heretics, and Team Vitality. The top eight teams from this group stage will then advance to the playoffs, which will take place in the format of a double-elimination bracket.

Although Riot Games and LoL Esports have not yet revealed the precise dates for the start of the LEC 2024 Winter Season, we can refer to previous years to get a rough idea. For example, the LEC 2023 winter season started on January 21 and ended on February 6. Fans can therefore expect the 2024 season to start around the same time, although the exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

The LEC is not only a platform for European League of Legends talents to shine, but also a venue for entertainment for millions of fans around the world. Each match is a demonstration of strategy, skill, and teamwork, providing spectators with unforgettable moments. Anticipation for the winter 2024 season is already palpable, with fan communities actively discussing potential strategies and team performances.

The LEC Winter 2024 season promises to be a remarkable event in the esports calendar. With competitive teams and an ever-improving game format, this season will undoubtedly be an exciting time for League of Legends players and fans.

If you hadn't followed the announcement, during the Worlds 2023 final, Riot Games announced that the Worlds 2024 final will take place in London .