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Lethal Company Bestiary, list of bestiary creatures and how to defeat them?

 In Lethal Company, you will come across many creatures and we will give you the complete bestiary and how to defeat them if possible.

Lethal Company, the horror game where you are sent to planets to collect resources in order to earn as much money as possible and pay off your debts,  is one of the most played titles at the moment.

During your exploration, you will encounter monsters who do not wish you well some of whom seek to eliminate you as soon as they see you. To help you know all the monsters present in the game, we will give you a table that serves as a bestiary and a method to defeat or avoid them.

Lethal Company Bestiary, list of creatures and monsters in the game

If you want to know what monsters you can encounter in Lethal Company and if it is possible to defeat them, well, here is a fairly complete table, as well as a video in English presenting them all to you.

MonsterPlaceHow to win?
Baboon hawksOutdoorsInvincible, run away
BrackenIn the complexesZap-gun, then several shovel shots
Bunker spiderIn the complexes6 shovel strokes
Bees circuitOutdoorsUse the TPZ-Inhalant to reach the hive
Coil-headIn the complexesStare at him until you can reach an exit
earth leviathanOutdoors after 6pmInvincible, quickly flee if the ground near you moves
Eyeless dogOutdoors after 6pmZap-gun, then 10 shovel shots
Forest giantOutdoors after 6pmInvincible, run away quickly
Ghost girlIn the complexesInvincible, quickly flee to the main base
Hoarding bugsIn the complexes4 shots with the shovel
HygrodereIn the complexesRun away from them by passing over them
jesterIn the complexesFlee the building
ManticoilOutdoorsDon't attack you, no need to attack him
Roaming locustsOutdoorsDon't attack you, no need to attack them
Snare fleasIn the complexes3 hits with the shovel
Lizard sporesIn the complexesDon't attack you if you don't bother him
ThumpersIn the complexesDodge it using a boombox at a distant location