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Lethal Company console: a release date on PS5 and Xbox?

 The success of Lethal Company on PC raises a crucial question: When will the game arrive on PS5 and Xbox? Find out here!

Lethal Company has quickly established itself as a must-have for PC gamers. Recently, since its release, it has been creating a buzz on social networks! Players speak highly of it, especially since it is a multiplayer game. Moreover, it is possible to play with 4 for the moment, but mods allow you to play with up to 32 players.

Lethal Company has captivated fans of PC horror games, but PS5 and Xbox console owners are wondering: when will they be able to join the adventure? We give you all the information in this article.

When will Lethal Company arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

Lethal Company, developed by Zeekerss, left its mark on the world of horror games with its unique blend of survival horror, strategy, and exploration in abandoned locations. This indie title, which challenges players to harvest materials for The Company, quickly found a passionate audience on Steam. The game, still in early access, has received praise for its atmosphere and innovative gameplay.

While Lethal Company thrives on PC, players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles wonder if they'll get the chance to experience this terrifying experience. To date, Zeekerss has not announced plans for a console version. Given the indie nature of the game and the fact that it's being developed by a single person, porting it to the console seems like a tall order.

Porting a PC game to a console is no easy feat, especially for a solo developer like Zeekerss. This involves overcoming significant systemic differences between platforms and often requires an expanded development team and additional financial support. While Lethal Company is in Early Access, the focus is on polishing the PC experience.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, the gaming community remains optimistic. Lethal Company's warm reception on Steam could eventually pave the way for future console development, especially if the game's success continues to grow. Console gamers are hoping to see Lethal Company join the ranks of other indie games that have made the jump from PC to consoles.

When will Lethal Company arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

For fans of Lethal Company on console, hope remains, but patience is required. As Zeekerss continues to develop and improve the game for PC players, the console community is keeping their eyes peeled for possible future announcements. Only time will tell if Lethal Company will make the long-awaited jump to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms.