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Lethal Company Cross Platform, is the game crossplay?

 Lethal Company has been available in early access since October 23, 2023, but is the title cross-platform? We give you the answer.

Lethal Company Cross Platform, is the game crossplay?

The year 2023 was rich in titles awaited by players or even slightly surprise games which worked well with the public as is the case for Hi-Fi Rush or even Lethal Company.

Concerning Lethal Company, some people are wondering if the title is cross-platform and we will therefore give you the answer.

Can we play cross-play in Lethal Company?

If like most gamers, you're wondering if Lethal Company has crossplay or cross-platform functionality, well, the answer is no. As a reminder, Lethal Company is only available in early access on PC and at the time of writing, no release on consoles, whether on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation is planned.

Obviously, it is possible that Zeekerss , the independent developer, working solo on Lethal Company could plan a release on other platforms, even if for the moment, he is focused on the development of the PC version in early access. It is therefore also not impossible to see crossplay or crossplatform functionality one day arriving if the game were to be playable on more platforms.