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Lethal Company Map: Full list of maps and where to land?

 Lethal company is a hit at the moment! We'll give you the full map list, plus a guide to where to land!

Lethal Company Map: Full list of maps and where to land?

As a contract worker, your mission is to collect debris from abandoned and industrialized moons to meet the company's profit quota. Use your winnings to explore new moons with higher risks and rewards, or invest in costumes and decorations for your ship.

Explore nature, scan creatures to add them to your bestiary, roam wondrous outdoor spaces, and delve into dilapidated steel and concrete underbellies. Discover the complete list of available maps and a guide to knowing where to land on Lethal Company.

List of maps available on Lethal Company and guide to knowing where to land

Here is the complete list of available maps, their difficulty, their cost, and their name on Lethal Company.

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71-GordionOn0cYour base to sell your scraps. Ideal to keep the loot until the last day of the quota to sell it at the highest price.
ExperimentationEasy0cLow habitability, filled with industrial artifacts.
InsuranceEasy0cSimilar to Experimentation, rougher terrain.
VowEasy0cMoist, formerly inhabited moon, currently without signs of complex life, but with dense fauna.
InsultedIntermediate0cAsteroid separated from Assurance, rougher terrain, damaged industrial artifacts. Competitive ecosystem, more aggressive life forms.
MarchIntermediate0cImpacted by constant drizzle.
ReturnsDifficult550cCold and inhospitable moon, cost the lives of several travelers, difficult conditions for all forms of life.
DineDifficult600cSimilar to Rend, frozen, rocky, extremely low visibility outdoors.
TitanDifficult700cFrozen world home to several dangerous entities. To visit only if well prepared.

In the game, you will have to protect your crew from dangers that target vulnerable people. Guide them from your ship, use radar to spot traps, access locked doors remotely via the ship terminal, or head out together. The company store offers useful tools like lamps, shovels, walkie-talkies, stun grenades, and boomboxes.

At night, the risks increase. Communicate with your crew to transport valuables to the ship before the situation becomes too dangerous, and make sure you don't leave anyone behind.