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Lethal Company number of players: what is the maximum and what mod to get more?

 Lethal Company is an indie horror hit with 100K players on Steam. But how many players max can you play it? We tell you everything!

Lethal Company is a skyrocketing indie game, recently crowned with an impressive milestone of 100,000 concurrent players on Steam. Created by solo developer Zeekerss, this online cooperative horror game transports you to monster-infested moons where you must collect precious debris. But that's not all: one new thing arouses particular interest among players - the ability to expand the number of players in a game.

Lethal Company, the independent cooperative horror game, has crossed the 100,000 concurrent players mark on Steam. With rave reviews and a unique gaming atmosphere, this title has captured the attention of horror game fans. Recently it was possible to expand the gaming experience to eight players thanks to a dedicated mod. We tell you everything!

How many players can play co-op in Lethal Company?

The Lethal Company game has stood out among horror titles in 2023, not only thanks to its quality first-person gameplay but also because of its ability to create a gripping cooperative experience. The game, praised for the quality of its VOIP and its movement mechanics, is now among the favorites of multiplayer horror games. Unfortunately, it is only possible to play with 4 players at the moment.

Can we play with more than 4 players?

The recent addition of a mod allowing eight people to play brings a whole new dimension to the game. This mod, called MoreCompany, extends the maximum number of players to eight, providing a richer and more intense experience. This allows players to form larger teams and tackle even more demanding challenges together.

Lethal Company 8 Player Mod

Lethal Company number of players: what is the maximum and what mod to get more?

Installing the mod is quite simple. Players must first install the BepInEx framework, which is essential for many mods to work on Lethal Company. Once this step is completed, they can download and install the MoreCompany mod, available on Thunderstore. This mod offers impressive flexibility, supporting up to 32 players, although the creators advise against exceeding eight players to preserve the integrity of the game's user interface.

Lethal Company 32 Player Mod

The rise of Lethal Company in the world of independent games is remarkable. Thanks to community mods like MoreCompany, the game is broadening its appeal by offering a more inclusive and varied multiplayer experience. Whether you're a horror game veteran or a newcomer, Lethal Company promises hours of thrills and cooperative fun.