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Lethal Company teleporter: how to use it and how to get it?

 Lethal company is a hit at the moment! We'll explain how to use and get the teleporter! You will know everything in this article.

Lethal Company teleporter: how to use it and how to get it?

As a contract worker, your mission is to collect debris from abandoned and industrialized moons to meet the company's profit quota. Use your winnings to explore new moons with higher risks and rewards, or invest in costumes and decorations for your ship.

Explore nature, scan creatures to add them to your bestiary, roam wondrous outdoor spaces, and delve into dilapidated steel and concrete underbellies. The teleporter is an essential part of saving your friends in Lethal Company. Here's how to use it and get it.

How to obtain and use the teleporter on Lethal Company?

To use the Teleporter, it is imperative that a member of the crew remains on board the ship to activate it. This measure is essential because in Lethal Company, the Teleporter plays the role of a rescue mechanism for teammates during dangerous situations. The person designated as supervisor must carefully monitor the indications displayed on the teleporter screen in order to perform the correct actions. 

You will need to choose the player you want to teleport using the white button next to the screen. Then you will have to press the red button near the monitor, use it twice, once to lift the cover and the second to teleport your friend to safety.

Be careful, when you use the teleporter, all the objects that the teleported person has disappear. Additionally, the cooldown of tp is around 10 seconds.

How to get the teleporter on Lethal Company?

Fans can purchase the Teleporter in the store for 375 scraps.

In the game, you will have to protect your crew from dangers that target vulnerable people. Guide them from your ship, use radar to spot traps, access locked doors remotely via the ship terminal, or head out together. The company store offers useful tools like lamps, shovels, walkie-talkies, stun grenades, and boomboxes.

At night, the risks increase. Communicate with your crew to transport valuables to the ship before the situation becomes too dangerous, and make sure you don't leave anyone behind.